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Possible bug with test burn [Fixed]

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Version 2.2.2

Os Win 2k

CDR Hewlett Packard 8100+

Virus Scanner, Firewall, network disabled.

This might be a coincedence and there were no run time errors, however here goes.

I burnt 3 CDs from Redhat Linux ISO images without apparent error. The first CD gives me CRC errors on some files. The other 2 CDs are error free.

The only thing I did different with the first CD was to start a test burn and then cancel it part way through.

As I say, it might be a bug, or it may be one of those weird and wonderful one off things.

Kind Regards


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I just tried to reproduce this bug, and I can confirm it:

If I directly burn the disc, everything is alright. If I start a test-write before, cancel it after a few seconds and then burn the disc, it is not readable (at least CDBXPP does not find the burned session anymore, also checked with ISOBuster).

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I have fixed this it should now work, I have corrected the code and made so the disc is ejected after a cancelled test burn. This will be included in 2.2.7


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