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[X] Request - create a "do not split at all" option for disk spanning

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Guest Red Frost

Based on what I've read in the help file, even the "do not split unnecssarily" algorithm may still rearrange files. I would love to see an option that guaranteed that it did not rearrange the files at all. THis would be very useful where the file sequence is important, such as archives of photography.

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I believe that would make splitting too inefficient. Since files to not actually have an order anyway, you should be able to recreate the original order based on the file name.

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This would be a great option to have. Here's my case.

Let's say I have 10 folders. Each folder has a .bin file and .cue file.

The .bin file is a large file about 7.5 gigabytes.

The .cue file is small around 10 kilobytes.

I should get 3 folders on each BD-R disc, but I'm also getting

a 4th folder with only a .cue file while it's .bin file goes on the

next disc.

I'm sure this could happen in many other situations, as well.

I have hundreds of folders like this that I want to back up to BD-R,

but I haven't found the right software for the job.

SizeMe comes close, but it ain't perfect either.


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