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Add RTL UI to Hebrew&Arabic users + link to cdburnerxp website + "About" window

Guest ETL

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You can only check by running the application with it or check the old translation.

If there are missing strings, all I have to do is to add these lines?

Preferably you use the translation tool, then you don't have to do that manually.

I keep seeing the phrase "&", what should I do with it?

The letter after the & (which is "&") indicates an access key. In your language it may be necessary to have a separate access key ("Translated word (&1)") like the Japanese translation if you don't have the necessary keys on the keyboard.

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Guest ETL

But the thread with translation tool does not exist =\

however, if you are not experienced with how editing resource files work, you should use our translation tool.

Damn it!! :(

I just removed almost all of the &.......

Gotta get them back....

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Guest ETL

The exact lines repeat themselves here-

<data name="Use &amp;Album Gain, or Track Gain if not available" xml:space="preserve">

<value>Use &amp;Album Gain, or Track Gain if not available</value>


<data name="Use &amp;Track Gain, or Album Gain if not available" xml:space="preserve">

<value>Use &amp;Track Gain, or Album Gain if not available</value>


Why is that? :o

Can I remove one of them?

Line 2333 in the english translation.

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Guest ETL

Oh right :S

Seems to be the same..

Maybe tomorrow I'll have some questions about the meaning of some of the strings & the context they appear in, you wouldn't mind, right? :)


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Seems to be the same..

Not the same you mean?

Maybe tomorrow I'll have some questions about the meaning of some of the strings & the context they appear in, you wouldn't mind, right? :)

I guess I can cope ;)

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Guest ETL

Not the same you mean?

The two sentences there looked similar, didn't notice the changes with the Track Gain and the Album Gain ;)

Dude.. this ResLocalizer rocks!!

I can see every change I do in real time! :)

Had some problems since I'm using the portable version of CDBXP.. but I fixed it.

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Guest ETL
Maybe tomorrow I'll have some questions about the meaning of some of the strings & the context they appear in

So.. Here they are:

1. layout- can you give me another word for this so I could understand it better?

2. overburn- means that you can burn for example 720MB on a 700MB disc?

3. {0:00}:{1:00} free- refers to time or size?

4. {0} free of {1}- refers to time or size?

5. {0} free- refers to time or size?

6. {album}, {artist}, {default} etc- should I translate those too or leave them as they are?

7. CD {0} min ({1})- should be in the {1}?

8. DVD &high compatibility- means "high compatibility to DVD"?

9. Track # by tags- huh? didn't understand all of it. What does it mean? the word "track" there is as a verb?

10. Lose CD-Text Information- this one is an option in CDBurnerXP?

11. Warning! Some files could not be added to the compilation or has been truncated due to a long file name. See list for details- this one is missing from the original english file. normal?

12. WARNING !!! All the data on the CD/DVD -RW in the current selected recorder will be lost...- same as before ^ normal?

13. Which options do I have to set?- can be translated also as "Which options do I must to configure?"?. I mean "have" there meaning that the user must configure?

14. There are no compatible CD/DVD devices reported- can you re-architect this one please?

15. There is not currently enough free disk space available- on the Hard Disk or the optical disc? confusing ><

16. Same for those-

Insufficient free space on disc

There is not enough free space on the disc. Please free up some disc space or choose a different target.

There is not enough free space on the disc. Do you want to erase it now?

Hard Disk or the optical disc?

17. Do not show file rename requirements caused by file system limitations- this one really confusing.. can you re-architect this one please?

18. Mini CD case and Slim CD case are the same or there's a difference?

19. Select bus type- what does bus mean here?

20. Select folder to drop into- can you re-architect this one please?

21. Select Drop Folder- can it be translated also as "select folder"?

22. Override Speed Detect- this what written (in the english original lng file) in data name, but in the value there is "Show all".. what should I do here?

23. Cue sheets- huh? what is it?

24. Do you really want to cancel the ISO file creation?- does not exist in the original english file. this one is missing from the original. normal?

25. Do you want to continue the inserted disc?- refers to Disc Spanning? my problem here is "continue the disc".. what does it mean?

26. Set default- as "set the default" or as "set as default"?

27. Add table of contents to each disc- table of contents as this explanation?

28. Estimated time left- as Time Remaining?

29. integrated file browser- means "files and folder navigation panel"?

30. Copying disc was completed successfully in {0}- the {0} means time?

Sorry.. I know it's too much to ask ><

Thanks :)

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*Sigh* ;)

1. Depends on the context. If it refers to the disc layout, you could also say compilation.

2. Yep.

3. Time.

4. Size.

5. Size.

6. You can translate them.

7. {1} is the size in MB.

8. Yep, DVD players in particular.

9. Track # is "title number" or "track number". Refers to tracks on audio discs.

10. Title of a message box.

11. No longer in use.

12. Also.

13. "Must" or "should", yes.

14. No usable/compatible drives found on the computer.

15. Hard disk.

16. Optical disc. (Erasing the hard disk would be an unfortunate option I believe)

17. Refers to 11. This one is an option in the settings.

18. There's a difference.

19. Bus is SATA/IDE/USB - basically the connection technology.

20. For drag and drop from Windows Explorer - drop target folder on the disc.

21. Yep.

22. No longer in use actually.

23. Google it :-P

24. If it's missing, ignore it.

25. Refers to multi session discs. Add new content basically.

26. I believe no longer in use.

27. Like in a book.

28. Yep.

29. Yep.

30. Yep.

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Guest ETL

Wow huge thanks dude.

I thought you would give up.

1. Are there different meanings to this word in the translation file?

For example-

Video-DVD Layout

file layout

Data Layout

The layout contains an imported session

2. OK.. a bit hard to translate it into one or two words, I'll check it out.

3. How should it be shown for example?

6. OK.. with or without the {} behind and after?

7. It will look wierd :o

Example: CD 53 min (427)

What is that line refers to?

9. Oh I see. So the "by tags" order to arrange the track by their tags, correct?

11+12. Should I remove them and every non-existed line from the hebrew file?

14. So what the "reported" is about? just curious.

16. lol! right. For the 3 of them it's optical disc?

17. In other words, can it be translated to "don't show warnings (warnings or demands?) about renaming files bla bla"?

18. Is slim smaller than mini?

19. Can I change it to "Connection"? I don't suppose standart people will understand the meaning of Bus :)

20. "Drag and drop the file/folder (just file or just folder or both?) to the disc" would be OK?

22. So should I remove this entry or keep the "Show all"?

23. From wikipedia: "a text file that details the layout of tracks on a compact disc" - which takes me back to question #1...

25. Ohh I see.. but in hebrew this might not sound well.. I'll think of something.

26. But this line exists in the original english file :o

29. You complicated it this time O.O Perhaps you can change it to something else in the next version (to english users).

30. So why there's no "seconds" or "minutes" or whatever after the {0}? Unless the {0] will take care of it too.

Dude I'm really sorry for all of this I just want the translation to be as perfect as possible. The old one was pretty lame and obsolete.

In the last 2 days I almost forgot my own language! I just knew the meaning of words in english and not the meaning of them in hebrew O_O

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1. The meaning is the same. "Structure" would also be appripriate. Like you need a special VIDEO_TS folder for video DVDs.

3. mm:ss

6. Just translate the words between the braces.

7. The unit will also be added, so it should look fine.

9. Yep.

11+12: Yep.

14: Just bad English, doesn't sound right to me.

16. I usually say "disc" if I mean the optical one and "disk" for the HD.

17. Yep.

18. I believe mini is smaller. Slim: post-1-0-94348200-1334160295_thumb.jpg , Mini CD case (smaller discs): post-1-0-39072200-1334160297_thumb.jpg

19. Sure.

20. Target folder for files and folders dropped from Windows Explorer.

22. Choose what you prefer.

23. Isn't there a Hebrew wikipedia?

26. Still might not be in use currently.

30. There should be a more friendly format, yes, maybe I'll do it with version 4.5 when all remaining time calculations use the same technology.

I'm glad that you're that much into it :)

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Guest ETL

1. Aha! Now structure is more like it. thanks.

6. That I already know :) But I don't know if to leave the {} in the translation.

7. Hmm.. this means "CD with maximum {0} minutes ({1})"? I mean, the {0} is the maximum amount of time that this CD can contain?

17. Yeah I thought about that. BTW is that a rule in english?

18. Hold on. The slim looks like normal CD case :o Mini CD is about half normal disc size, right?

20. Sorry.. Still don't get it ><

Can you simplify it as much as possible? (and please use easier words)

22. I can't get it. If there are some unused strings, why not remove them from the original english file?

23. There is, but not for layout and cue sheets words. Now I know what layout means so it's OK :)

cue sheets- as "text files that details the layout of tracks on a compact disc" or as "text file that details the layouts of tracks on a compact disc"? I have a feeling it's the first one.

30. Which means that I have to wait to the updated english file =\

And while you're at it, maybe you can try to clean up unused strings and fix translations and stuff?

And I'm glad you're not freaking out from me ><

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Guest ETL

I'll be offline for more than 2 days, so I'll ask more questions now if you don't mind :)

31. "The disc will appear to be empty but data is not physically erased, only the table of contents will be erased"- what can replace "table of contents" in the current context? A bit weird to translate it for that context.

32. "Copy or grab disc"- what does the "grab" means here? I know what it means but not to the current context.

33. "Effective time"- effective? huh? you mean "actual"?

34. "Extracting Audio image from '{0}' was cancelled" = "Extracting Audio image from '{0}' disc was cancelled"?

35. Where can I find the "None" string in the app?

36. Same for "No media inserted in the selected device. Please insert a recordable media and try again" ^

37. "Prevent allow jumper"- what does it means? can you simplify the sentence?

38. "Lock state"- as "state of lock" or the "lock" suppose to be verb?

39. "Preparing to write disc at {0}"- what the {0} suppose to be?

40. "Path to image to be converted:" - where can I fint this string in the app?

41. The "Update" string is as a verb or noun?

42. The "Open:" string is as a verb or noun?

43. "Disc spanning over {0} discs. Currently burning disc number"- the {0} is the number of total discs that the data should be spanned on, or the number of discs that the data has already been spanned on?

44. "Pad DVD size to 1GB"- can you re-architect it please? without the word "Pad".

45. Resulting restrictions-

a. resulting from what?

b. can you re-architect it please?

Thanks. :D

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6. Keep it.

7. Yep.

17. Which rule?

18. No, slim CD is slimmer than a normal case. Mini CD is roughly half the size, yes.

20. Maybe you should just give the feature a try.

22. I don't always clean up.

23. You should not translate Cue sheets probably, depends on how the geeks in your country call them.

30. I'm currently busy with other stuff and actually making RTL work, I'm not going to do any housekeeping now.

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Guest ETL

7. I translated it to "CD with capacity of {0} minutes ({1})". Thanks :)

17. Never mind.. I can google it :)

20. Will do, problem is I don't know where to find it.. (?)

23. Argh!! Hate that expression. Can you tell me where can I find it so I will decide the best translation?

24. housekeeping lol :P I suggest you to do it some time, it would make the translators easier to translate + will reduce the app's size.

Can you see my 41# post above? Thanks.

After I'll finish translating, I have some suggestions to the app for you.

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20. There is a drop box button in the toolbar.

23. No, how should I be able to do that?

31. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optical_disc_authoring#TOC

32. Save disc contents to hard disc (ISO file)

33. That is part of information that belongs to ISO file systems, I did not event this label. Can't even tell you what it does.

34. {0} will insert a drive letter

35. Disc information window. For example if no copy protection is detected, it will display "None"

36. No longer used.

37. Not really. This information will no longer be available in future versions of CDBurnerXP, don't put too much effort into it.

38. Whether or not the drive is locked the way that you cannot open it physically.

39. Speed.

40. Burn ISO -> Convert to ISO

41. Noun.

42. State, Yes / No follows

43. Total number.

44. Fill.

45. Check the Disc -> File system dialog and you should understand.

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Guest ETL

20. Hmm. I've seen it before, not sure if I know what it does. That window will be shown above every window so it would be easier to drag&drop files and folders to the compilation? Is that it's purpose?

If it's true, why there's a need to the "Root" part?

23. I meant that I need to know where can I find the expression "cue sheets" in the app so I would know how to translate it properly.

31. Hmm. Hard to translate it into hebrew with 2-3 words.

- - - -

I just searched a bit, and I think it's OK to translate it as TOC of a book, it's quite the same :)

32. Hmm. So "Copy disc" I guess still would be OK.

33. Damn it! I can't find any resource on the net that can at least give me a clue about what it is. You said you don't know what it does, but can you tell what it means? Or at least what do you think about it (?)

37. OK. I think it should be "Prevent / Allow jumper" with the '/'. Source here. Without it, the translation would be "Prevent allowing jumper". Am I right?

42. Where can I find it? (the "Open:" string)

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20. Yep. The "root" part is the root directory, as opposed to a subdirectory on the disc.

23. File -> Import in audio disc

31. Well, your language, not mine :-P

32. Some users may perceive "copy" as a disc to disc copy though, it should also be conveyed that a copy to hard disk is possible.

33. Nope.

37. I guess so, the source you brought up seems good :)

42: In the menu Disc -> Import session.

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Guest ETL

20. So.. if the root can't be changed (correct me if I'm mistaken), why it appears in the dropbox?

- - - -

Forget it. I see now why you did all this. Very clever mate :)

I'll fix the translations accordingly.

- - - -

I fixed it to "the folder which the data will be dragged to". A bit complicated but it's the most proper translation I can generate.

23. I'll just let it go. I'm getting crazy with that cue sheet.. I think I got it right =]

32. Agreed. I think that among my people "Copy Disc" alone can be explained as "Copy Disc to Disc/HDD" as well. So maybe I can actually do it. Hmm.. What do you think?

33. :( As 23#, I'll let it go. I can't determine if it's translation is "Actual" or "Effective".

37. :)

42. Fixed :)

Again I'm really sorry for bothering you over and over again, I'll have some new questions for you soon.


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Guest ETL

20. Yeah I thought about that. I'm trying as much as I can but sometimes it's quite impossibe. English has shortcuts where hebrew hasn't.

32. Well.. most of other burning apps are using only "Copy Disc" (in both english and hebrew version) and I think it's understandable for the users that way. (I'm not sure if those apps have the "Copy disc to Hard Disk" included in "Copy disc to disc" feature)

But never mind me, you're the app's developer- you'll decide :)

Either way it's doesn't matter.

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The problem is not that it's not "understandable" (it certainly is), but when a user searches for a "copy disc to HDD" or "rip CD/DVD" he will be more likely to find it if the title says more than just "copy disc". It will improve the feature find success rate.

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