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Add RTL UI to Hebrew&Arabic users + link to cdburnerxp website + "About" window

Guest ETL

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Guest ETL

Hmm.. I was going to change it but.. there are several reasons that stopping me from doing that. Will be complicated to explain =\

I'll keep it as "Copy disc" unfortunately.

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Guest ETL

Hold on.. Instead of writing it in the main title, I can place it in the subtitle there.

Acceptable? :)

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Guest ETL

Damn it!

I can't even add it to the subtitle!

It will have a problem with the plural and singular:

Allows you to copy audio and data discs to optical disc or hard drive.

Doesn't sound good to me =\

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Guest ETL

BTW, before you'll release a new build of CDBurnerXP, I suggest you to give me a beta version to test the RTL function so I'll tell you what needs correction. There are some places where there should not be RTL sectors.

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Why not "Duplicate a disc or copy a disc to hard disk" or something like that?

Anyway, you can get the latest betas here: http://daily.cdburnerxp.se/

I've overhauled the RTL support a bit, there are still a few issues, just let me know what hurts most for now ;)

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Guest ETL

Hmm. This would be OK I guess.

I don't want to interrupt the sequence, so I'll change it to "Allows you to duplicate audio or data discs or copy disc to hard disc".

- - - - -

Actually.. this is not OK as I thought =\

1. Too long.

2. There are 2 "or". Problematic. Any suggestions?

3. Is the "audio or data" necessary? For me (and me only) it is, but donno, it seems important. Unless I'm wrong..? Your call.

I've been a bit lazy this day, tommorow I hope I'll post some new questions (+bugs [OK maybe not bugs.. but mistakes for sure] and suggestions ;)). Hope you're not getting tired yet :)

Thanks for the link mate!

I'll check it.

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Guest ETL

Oh man!

Do I have to check the install version?

So far I was using only the portable version, and it seems that the latest build is 142 bytes size now.

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Guest ETL

Just about perfect ;)

Should it be "copy disc to hard disc" or "copy disc to the hard disc"?

I think the second one.

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In English at least, I would omit "the". I'm not a native though. In German I would also remove the equivalent of "the".

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Guest ETL

I'd intentionally want to add "the" because it refers to a specific hard disk (hmm, or maybe not? it can be saved into external drive or so).

Forget it, I'll omit the "the" :)

46. "The inserted disc contains one or more sessions. You can import their data to continue the disc and add, delete or update files"- I know how to translate this but can't understand the meaning of it, the second part of the sentence doesn't make any sense to me.

47. "Total estimated size: {0} ({1}MB)"- why there's {0} and {1}? what any one of them means?

48. "Test burn process started at {0}"- {0} means time? speed?

49. "Burn Disc - [{0}]"- "burn" as "now burning" or as "you can burn"? Hope you know what I mean.

50. "Text files|*.txt"- I've got a RTL problem with it. Look how will it be in hebrew in the RTL version-

txt.*|קבצי טקסט

Any idea how to fix it? the "*.txt" shifts there as you can see.

51. Same for "Valid files (.vob; .ifo; .bup):"-

:(vob; .ifo; .bup.) קבצים תקפים

I can change it manually so it will look fine (only under RTL GUI). What do you think?

52. "Abstract file:"- This string really troubles me. I have not idea what that Abstract means in this context =\

53. Compilation- I was wondering if I should ask it or not. Can this word can be replaced by "Project"? I know it hasn't the same meaning but in hebrew this word is not popular. The translation to Compilation as it is in hebrew will sound like this meaning. I know, weird. Can you give me another word to Compilation that will describe it as it should?

- - - - -

Just not to be a perfect idiot- can you explain what Compilation mean in the app's context?

54. "File Report"- as "report a file" or as "file of the report" or as title of a window?

55. "Only readable by recent OSes (WinXP and later)"- the "Only" there troubles me too. Is it as "readable only by recent OSes (WinXP and later)" or as "Only readable (and not writeable) by recent OSes (WinXP and later)" or both?

56. "Re&fresh"- I found here a bug :P There are 2 strings of Refresh, one is Re&fresh and the other is Refresh. When I translate the Re&fresh (and the & is included there) and the Refresh (without the &), CDBurnerXP won't show the sign when clicking Alt button.

BUT when I translate also the "Refresh" string with the &, the sign shows.

57. "Saving ISO image {0} of {1}"- This is what happens when I translate it into hebrew (with the RTL GUI)-

{1} מתוך ISO {0} שומר דמות

In english it will look like-

Saving image {0} ISO of {1}

The explanation is that in RTL, the {0} shifts it's place after non-english char (in this case, "ISO"). Should I do as I said in question #51?

58. "Modified: {0}"- as "they" or as "it"? The {0} suppose to be a number?

59. "Complete"- Where can I find it? Is it as "it was completed" or as "full" or as..?

60. "File &name:"- It wont be translated in real time :mad: It is in choosing file dialog window, right? If I'm right, so it's not being translated.

61. "Cl&ose"- Same as question #56. There is a "Close" string but I didn't check that out.

62. "Modify IFO/BUP files if necessary"- Modify as edit or as change?

63. "Write completed..."- Damn it! I was going to ask something about that string but forgot. I'll ask again when I'll remember.

64. "Only use a single unit for file sizes"- Why is the "Only" there? and what does that option do?

65. "Only include files that match the file pattern"- Why is the "Only" there?

66. Can you tell me why the second button there exists?


This got me really confused :S

67. The two options here seems to be similar. Don't you think there should be V ticking instead choosing only one of them?


Or maybe I'm wrong and they are different...?

68. The title here is not translated, and I did translate it-


69. Can you add to the english lng file the string "Internal" so there would be option to translate it too? It's in "Report Working Drive" window.

I think that's all the questions I have..

Thanks for your time and patience :)

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Guest ETL

Oh and 70. Enter "Print track list pre&view..."- look at the icon of the window. You'll understand :)

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46. You need this for multi-session discs. If you don't import the last session, you cannot add further data to the disc.

47. No longer used I believe.

48. Speed.

49. You can. "Burning" would be the other one.

50. I'll add a "Text files" string for the next version, that should work.

51. Not the same, that is almost OK, except for the distribution of dots. You should adjust it so that it looks right in an RTL GUI.

52. I believe it is sort of a table of contents.

53. Yep, "project" is pretty much the same as "compilation" in this case.

54. List of reported files (reported because of problems with them).

55. "Writable" is not of any concern, since the writing capabilities are based on the burning software used and not the OS.

56. I'll remove the one without &.

57. I guess there is no other way.

58. No longer in use.

59. No longer in use.

60. Used in the disc copying dialog.

61. This word is also used without access key (&).

62. Yep.

64. As opposed to using KB, MB, GB, etc. based on the file size. Uses only KB.

65. Because it excludes all other files.

66. It does not help in this case, but if you replace multiple files, you can use the checkbox at the bottom do replace all files only if changed.

67. No, you can only choose one of those. If you want to have an optimal number of discs, you cannot avoid splitting folder contents at the same time.

68. Has been missing from the translation until now.

69. Yep.

70. Can't change the icon easily afaik.

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Guest ETL

46. Took me a while to understand but I think I got it :)

47. WOW there are so many of unused strings.. I know you said you don't want to babysit but it's necessary I think. I strongly recommend you to clean up the unused strings (unless you'll need them in the future) in your free time (if you have some :)).

48. OK. BTW all the strings that contains "write", "Writing" etc = burn?

49. OK. What does the {0} there refers to?

50. So for now I should remove the "|*.txt" or leave it with the solution of question #51?

51. OK.

52. Hmm. Can it mean also "Explanation file" or "Description file"? What actually this label refers to?

53. Donno, in some places "Compilation" is more suitable than project. I'll need to check the whole lng file to determine. Thanks.

54. Hmm. Do you have somewhere a picture that can show me how the window of it looks like? I'm not sure how to translate it.

55. lol right. Forgot about the OS.. Was I right? "readable only by recent OSes (WinXP and later)"?

56. :)

57. I think I have found another solution. Is that OK?

Saving ISO image number {0} (of {1})

The {0} won't bother since there's "number" between them.

58+59. See my answer in #47 in that post.

60. Oh okay.

61. I have just translated the "Close" string to "&Close" + the "&Close" string to "&Close" and the access key appeared.

I tried to translate "Close" string to "Close" + the "&Close" string to "&Close" and the access key didn't appear.

Same as #56.

62. Yep what? >< "change" and "edit" have a bit different meaning in hebrew.

63. I think I lost you here. I tried it out, and nothing was changed :o Where can I find the differences?

66. Oh I think I get it. Tell me if I'm wrong: If there are multiple files that should replace the current ones, and some of the new multiple files aren't the same, the second button will command to copy only files that are different from the current ones?

Nope I didn't get it =\

The goal of the second button (+ticking the V) is to reduce the time that takes to replace them?

67. Oh.. right. OK.

68. :)

70. Why not? just as you did in preview of printing cover.

71. I have found another strings that won't be translated:

Select a folder which contains valid video image files:

Select Video_TS folder (it's the title)



(All 4 of them ^ are in the same window)

72. Can you add also the string "{0}min:{1}sec" to the english translation file? Oh and BTW, I suggest you to change it to "{0}:{1} minutes". It will look like "12:47 minutes". Don't you think it's the common string world wide?

73. Suggestions:

a. In the main window, remove the "&Exit" string + button. What is it needed for? There's a simple X at the top of window in every OS :)

b. In the main window, change the "OK" to "Open", and change the current "Open" to "Load compilation" or to "Load project". More appropriate. For me, when I saw the "OK" I didn't know what it meant. And Open? I thought it would open the selected feature ><

c. There's no "Options" button in the main window! and that's a MUST!

d. Remove the string "Note: CDBurnerXP needs to be restarted to fully apply this setting" and instead, a window will popup and say something like "In order to change the language, CDBurnerXP must be restarted. Do you want to restart it now?". There will be OK and Cancel; if a compilation is opened- right before restarting, the app will offer to save it. What do you think? :P

e. Add a keyboard shortcut to the Options.

f. Everywhere there is the discs drive model + drive's letter, add a '\' after the drive letter. For example: "D:\ optiarc DVD RW bla bla".

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Guest ETL

WOW.. I just saw you updated the beta builds + the portable.. just WOW :)

There are a lot of serious issues and non-RTL sectors though, I'll post them tomorrow. Now I'm going to bed :)

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Guest ETL

I just saw you have updated the english lng file, thank you :)

Here are all the RTL issues (for every issue, tell me if you need a picture for it):

74. The translated strings of "Drag and drop files here or use the "Add" button to add files to the compilation" is mirrored. Same for "Show dropbox" window.

75. The "Select Language" window is not RTL & it's not translated. I've checked and there are no strings for it.

76. RTL the window of "Preview of printing cover".

77. RTL the right click menu of the used space on the disc (the black line).

78. RTL the "Device Information" details.

79. RTL the "Disc Spanning". It's not RTL at all (except the menu there & the "Choose Custom Disc Size" window).

80. RTL the "Boot Options" inner window + fix the non-aligned strings.

81. RTL the "Options" inner window on all of the 3 tabs. Are you able to RTL only the hebrew&arabic&all other RTL languages in the Selecting lagnuage in the options?

82. RTL the "Are you sure you want to reset CDBurnerXP settings?" window + every error/info popup window.

83. RTL the "Burn Video DVD" window in the "Buring Options" sector + the "Drive" sector (where there is the burning speed) + fix the non-aligned issue in the 2nd tab.

84. Fix the non-aligned issue in the "Burn ISO" window in the 2nd tab.

85. RTL the "Copy and grab disc" window. There are many non-RTL sectors there. Also fix the non-aligned issue in the 2nd tab + RTL the "Event" infos.

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48. Yes.

49. Name of the disc (project name).

50. Don't translate the string and instead add the newly added translation without "|*.txt".

52. I guess so.

54. Try to add C:\ to the disc. Certainly there are some files that will be reported.

55. Yep.

57. I think so.

61. Only add an access key if present in the original translation, otherwise an "&" might appear at some locations.

62. For me it's both the same. I can't make a difference. If the files are edited, they are automatically changed. You might prefer "change" though to not imply user interaction.

64. You can find it whereever files sizes are displayed, it should actually work fine. You need both small and large files though to ssee the difference.

66. Yep. The goal is to prevent multiple clicks on the same button.

70. Ah, OK. Can be changed indeed.

71. OK.

72. I will do that differently, but later.

73. a) Nope. OK and Cancel (Exit) should go together.

B) Nope. Open is usually related to files, not options.

c) You can have it.

d) Nope.

e) You mean access keys?

f) Why?

74. I can fix the first one, but I will leave the drop box alone for now. Feel free to remind me at a later time again.

75. Yep, will stay this way. Obviously, you have not chosen your language yet, thus I use "safe" defaults.

76. Check.

77. What black line?

78. OK.

79, 80, 81, 83, 84, 85. Later. Cannot mirror only a few languages.

82. Yeah, I need to take care of all message boxes too, later.

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Guest ETL

54. LOL! Cool. Got it. Thanks.

61. That's what I'm telling you :) If I'm translating the "&Close" string to "&Close" and "Close" to "Close"- the access key won't appear. Only if I will translate "Close" to "&Close" it will appear.

62. Bingo. That's what I meant :) Thanks.

64. Oh now I see. But it's not refers to the navigation panel though.

66. Tough I have complications with this understanding that (the first and the second buttons are the same to me) I won't bother asking ><

Just tell me, Can I translate it into "Replace the file if it's different from the current one"?

73. a. Not in this case. I don't agree, think about it again. The fewer buttons the better. Do you think someone one earth don't know how to exit a normal application? :P

b. It's both in that case. Do you think OK is better? I doubt it. Oh and what about "Load Compliation" or "Load Project"?

c. :D

d. Why not? It's perfect for every case.

e. Nope. I mean keys like F10 or F3 etc. Same as Ctrl+O opens a compilation.

f. Hmm that's an optional suggestion. Not too important. It's just that I use to see a drive with the '\', and I think everyone does.

74. OK :) Will remind.

75. I don't agree. The app as I can see recognizes the system language and offers it as default. So.. why not to change the window's language accordingly?

77. The black line at the bottom of the disc/audio compilation where there is the used space of a disc.

79, 80, 81, 83, 84, 85. What a shame.. Yeah, thought it would not be possible :(

Off topic: What would have you done without me? :P I think I'm the best thing this app had in 3 years ;)

Off topuc #2: Are you used to see threads that long in here?

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64. Navigation panel?

66. Yeah, that would fit.

73. a) Fewer buttons are not always better. And yes, I would not rely on the fact that all people use the X button.

b, d) I won't change my mind on that now :-P

e) You want customisable keyboard shortcuts? Forget it :-P

75. You only see this window once. Get over it :-P

76. Ah, yes. That's some owner drawn stuff that needs to be adjusted as well. Quite some work though.

79-85: Well, it certainly is possible, but I won't fix it all in one day.

Off topic: What would have you done without me? :P I think I'm the best thing this app had in 3 years ;)

You want an honest reply to that? ;)

Off topuc #2: Are you used to see threads that long in here?

So far, I did not have threads that discussed 20+ issues in parallel :)

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Guest ETL

64. Explorer panel (the one that windows provides, not the one you have created).

66. Thanks.

73. a. You can't be serious O_O Oh well, OK. But can I at least translate it as I said? (and still I strongly recommend you to change it as I said)

b, d. Ha! you said "now"! so there's still hope :P

e. No, I meant that the Options window will have a keyboard shortcut. When you want to save a compilation you can press File > Save, and also Ctrl+S. Both are the same. That's what I mean for the Options window.

75. Argh!! Umm, that's not always right. When you download the portable version and open the app from the ZIP file (and not extract it before) you will see that window every time you open it (assuming you won't update the changed archive after closing CDBurnerXP).

77. I trust you :)

79-85. I was refering to #81. Still possible?

Off topic #1: Yes, of course. The truth only.

Off topic #2: 20? dude we have 85 issues here :D

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64. So what exactly is the issue? I don't quite get it. Screenshots preferred ;)

73. Nope. Don't add an "&" when there is none in the original text. As I said, it might mess up now or later.

e) Well, you won't need that window often so a shortcut is not necessary.

75. Then don't do it :-P

81. Maybe I'll do some of the stuff at the weekend.

BTW, care to give me your e-mail address (or contact me http://cdburnerxp.se/impressum)? You'll need a password for uploading the translation :)

Off topic #1: Yes, of course. The truth only.

I'm glad that we got a new translator for Hebrew. The best thing that ever happened to CDBurnerXP though is that I got hold of the source code, if the original authors would not have let me take it over, CDBXP would be pretty much dead by now. And certainly not RTL compatible.

Off topic #2: 20? dude we have 85 issues here

Yeah, but we don't discuss all 85 issues at the same time.

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Guest ETL

64.Well I don't know if it is an issue or not. Take a look (the picture is with "Only use a single unit for file sizes" option ticked V):


The file size in the integrated explorer panel is shown as MB while the file size in the app's explorer is shown as KB. It's not critical though.

73. a. I wasn't talking about the "&" sign :o Pretty plizzz? I promise you, it will be much more understandable. At least with our language.

e. Hmm. You've got a point there.

75. :(

81. :)

Off topic #1: lol I thought it was your app. Nice to know that.

Off topic #2: Right :)

Off topic #3: BTW, I think this forum is the most comfortable I have ever used. I was surprised at first to see that I could create topics and reply as a guest. Without it I don't think I would have start all this project (posting here [and bothering you by the way :)], fixing the translation to hebrew, suggesting etc).

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64. Ah, yes. I do not make changes to the Windows explorer view.

73. a) What were you talking about then? I don't quite understand.

BTW, I think this forum is the most comfortable I have ever used.

Good to know :)

It was in fact not free, but it pays off. The spam protection is pretty good, and the overall concepts is quite mature.

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