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Add RTL UI to Hebrew&Arabic users + link to cdburnerxp website + "About" window

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I don't think I can relate your previous posts to your account, sorry. Not every daily built contains a change from my side. If there is nothing in the development log, it's probably just a change

4.5 should be out soon, so you just need to be a little more patient. Appreciate that OpenCandy pays me well, otherwise this would be one of the tasks I wouldn't do anyway

SX2 is a "codename" for 4.5 (second large transition to StarBurnX). Merge: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merge_%28revision_control%29

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Guest ETL

Oh man! I just saw you released a new stable version to CDBXP.. but there are loads of RTL entries to fix + The drop box is still mirrored.

Should I tell you about every non-RTL entry I can find or you'll take care of this?

Have you checked the Tahoma / Segoe UI / Lucida Console font?

I do not intend to change the default font currently. I'd need to further evaluate which fonts are most suitable for which OSes, under Vista and Win7 it should rather be Segoe UI I guess.

The current font is VERY annoying in hebrew mode (to remind you, I see some strings there that are similar to Tahoma etc).

72. (Reminder) Can you add also the string "{0}min:{1}sec" to the english translation file? Oh and BTW, I suggest you to change it to "{0}:{1} minutes". It will look like "12:47 minutes". Don't you think it's the common string world wide?

73. b. Can you change the "Open..." button to auto sized? That way I would successfully change it to the right translation as I said earlier.

88. The ";1" is the technical requirement? I wasn't talking about the option itself.

89. I'm not sure if I'm right or not, but I think the ":" is unnecessary in the "Time:" and the "Event:" strings. If I'm not wrong they represent a column name, and ":" should never be there.

I think I have more to offer but I'm not myself today. Later.

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Yeah, RTL is not yet completely done. I will work on it every now and then, just tell me what is most annoying right now.

In regard to fonts, I will probably start with a setting in a config file so that you can check whether or not other fonts actually work properly.

72. Already done actually.

73. Will do for the next revision.

88. Sometimes, yes.

89. Yep, right. Feel free to remove.

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Guest ETL

72. Take a look:


(1) Sometimes there are shadows behind the string there. Sometimes not.

(2) There.. that's what I'm talking about. The structure is the same. Were you refering to this?

73. Great :)

88. This ";1" seems like a typo.. hate that.

89. lol, I removed them long ago. I'm just offering you to update the english file for these two.

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72.1: Can't do much about this currently, don't see why it should not work sometimes.

72.2: Ah, I see. No, that is something different. Will add translation for next version.

88. Yeah, may be.

89. Yep, fine.

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Guest ETL
Yeah, RTL is not yet completely done. I will work on it every now and then, just tell me what is most annoying right now.

a. The mirrored dropbox.

b. The 3 tabs in the Options window.

c. In Copy Disc window in the first tab RTL everything there + in the second tab take care of the half missing translated "Time elapsed:" string.

Examples of perfect RTL windows:

a. Erase Disc (I'm not sure about the progress bar because I have no CD-RW to check. RTL the progress bar [so it will load from right to left if possible])

b. The whole "Burn ISO" window.

c. Filter Files.

d. CD-Text.

e. Report working drive...

f. CDBurnerXP on the web.

In regard to fonts, I will probably start with a setting in a config file so that you can check whether or not other fonts actually work properly.

Great! Update me please when you'll implement this.

Note: I'm using Windows 7.

72. 1. :(

72. 2. Oh good. Why won't you change this format to "{0}:{1} minutes"?

90. Can you add 1-2 spaces after the "Target device for the burning process" icon? It's too thick there.

91. Change the color of every string like the "Disc content" one in the Import Session window. I really can't notice them at all. It's really bright.

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Guest ETL

72+90. Love you :)

91. Example:


Notice the color of the marked string. Too bright and unnoticeable.

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Guest ETL

Aha! I now know how you can reproduce the shadow issue.

This occurs (in hebrew mode, don't know about others) when you first open Audio Disc feature. Close Audio Disc and open up Data Disc and it will be the same.

BUT! If you'll open Data Disc first, the shadow issue doesn't exist. Close Data CD and open up Audio Disc and the issue is still gone.

Conclusion: the problem here is when you open first Audio Disc.

P.S. #1: What is "Adjusted padding"? :o

P.S. #2: Damn it! When I try to change the "OK" string to "Open", (almost) everywhere in the app the OK string is changed to Open (and the context there is not appropriate), which is understandable. Although I'm sure you won't accept it, can you add another string to the english file with "OK = Open" as the ID and with "Open" as the string itself? That way it will cover everything for me.

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Guest ETL

#1: And padding is..? (rhetorical question)

#2: Yeah, figures =\ And "not for now" = when?

92. In Audio Disc, the length of the "Target device for the burning process" choose box is shorter than the one in Data Disc.

93. Remove 2 spaces before "Number of copies:" in both Audio Disc and Data Disc.

94. When finishing adjusting the size (borders) of a panel in Audio Disc or Data Disc (and not clicking anywhere else), there is a sign that you changed the border. It should be removed. Tell me if you need a picture for that.

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Can't really change that behaviour, not my component. Anyway, this hasn't been a problem until now, so I'd rather not spend any time on this.

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Guest ETL


I don't think I have any more to offer (except RTL).

When you think that you have fixed all the entries for the RTL, inform me here and I'll check where and what strings you can improve.

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Guest ETL

Oh I forgot something:

87. Good :D Would you mind that I'll check the whole original english file and offer you all the cleanups I can find?

So here they are-

"Override Speed Detect" - question number 22

"Set default" - question number 26

"No media inserted in the selected device. Please insert a recordable media and try again" - question number 36

"Prevent allow jumper" - question number 37

"Total estimated size: {0} ({1}MB)" - question number 47

"Modified: {0}" - question number 58

"Complete" - question number 59

Maybe I'll have more. I just searched this topic for "No longer in use" of yours :P

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Guest ETL

OK.. so I guess I was wrong ><

Still got things to offer (besides the cleanups which BTW I haven't checked it yet):

95. Since the first time I was using CDBurnerXP it annoyed me, I just didn't know what was this "it". Until yesterday of course :D The closing of the Data Disc / Audio Disc is weird. The menu bar disappears first, which makes the whole GUI look odd for a second. Like a


Same issue for opening Data Disc / Audio Disc, but this time I can't see what is going wrong first >< Too fast to see.

96. In Data Disc / Audio Disc windows, there are TOO MANY icons at one place (below the menu bar).

a. Why does the X icon even exists there? You should get rid of it and make (if possibe [?]) the default window's X button to go back to the main window UI.

b. If still you wanna keep it, relocate it to the left side of the icons (devide it from all the current icons) (hmm, though it would be odd to see 2 X buttons at the same area [in the RTL version).

c. Same for "About CDBurnerXP" + "Show help for CDBurnerXP..." + "CDBurnerXP on the web". Move them to the left side. It's common.

d. "Target device for the burning process" and "Copies" should also be relocated to the left side. And of course remove separator if you'll do so.

97. Make sure that the progressbars will be RTL as well.

98. Put all the lng files in one folder. This will make it much easier for you & CDBurnerXP portable users. Right now there are too many files and folders there. A bit order would not hurt.

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95. Huh?

96. Too many icons in the toolbar? I don't think there is such a lot of them.

a. That's something I have not decided yet actually, whether closing the app or going back to the main window is more appropriate. The latter one would only be useful if you do multiple different things with CDBXP in one session, which I consider unlikely.

c. On the left? How is that common?

d. Don't want to remove the separator.

97. Are they not?

98. Not under my control. Is not going to change.

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Guest ETL

95. Sigh.. I was afraid you wouldn't understand.. I think it will be noticeable on slow PC's. You might not see this (don't know your PC specification) but the Data Disc / Audio Disc windows are closing strangely (the menu bar is closing first- this is the most annoying). Check it several times and I think you'll understand.

96. Well of course. 15 icons at one place aren't too much? Try what I said on your alpha version and see how it looks compared to the current appearance.

a. Yep, I thought about that too. I think going back to the main window is as it should be.

c (what about B?). I hate when you leaves me speechless V_V As I said earlier, try it on your alpha version and see how it looks compared to the current appearance (and it's still common!).

- - - - -

Oh wait, sorry. The fixed question:

Same for "About CDBurnerXP" + "Show help for CDBurnerXP..." + "CDBurnerXP on the web" icons. Move them to the opposite side of where the icons are located in both RTL and LTR versions (in RTL it would be left, in LTR it would be right).

d. lol, you'll have to. You might misunderstood me before :)

97. Donno, just making sure :) I don't have discs (and files designed to burn) right now to check it.

98. lol :o I thought it would be accepted. Why not? Technical reasons? The app will load slower that way?

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95. Won't change that for now, never found any issues with that.

96. What alpha version? 15 icons for a toolbar is not much.

b. I'm not going to do that. If at all, remove.

c. Still don't know what alpha version you are talking about.

d. Who will force me?

98. .NET framework made it like this. Don't ask my for the reasons.

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Guest ETL

95. Never found any issues because of your computer's specification good quality maybe. I think that on fast PC's you won't notice that.

96. Alpha = The version before you release any build. Argh, I hate that I don't know how to explain things :mad: 15 icons are not much total, but not when they are squeezed one to another. Can you at least show me how will it look after the change? Revert it afterwards if you won't like it.

b. OK.

c. lol >< Hmm.. For me, alpha version is (pre-beta version and) the version whom you check to see if the changes you have made are OK.

d. Not who - what :) Never mind, it's an understandable minor cosmetic issue (and if you want explanation: if you'll relocate "Target device for the burning process" and "Copies", there will be nothing to separate (there will be nothing after the "Remove" button.. just free space :)))

98. Too bad. If you'll have the possibility, will you change it?

P.S. Although I know I'm writing like I own the app or like I'm mad at you, it's the opposite. I just want the best (as I see it [and what I see is not what you see unfortunately]) to the app. I'm thankful that you continue post here in this damn long topic :)

Don't think of me as an annoyer :D

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96. What change? For a toolbar, the appearance is perfectly normal.

98. Nope.

I'm always happy for unbiased feedback, but I won't implement every little thing. Be happy if you get all your RTL changes sooner later, keep in mind that I only have a few hours a day (if at all) for CDBurnerXP, and of these hours, only very little time can be used for actual programming.

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Guest ETL

96. Okay :<

98. :( OK.. so beside programming issues, why won't you change it?

Yeah I can see that. All the day I'm refreshing this page + Daily.cdburnerxp page + development page, hoping for some changes.

When you think that ALL the RTL entries will be ready? 3 weeks?

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