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Add RTL UI to Hebrew&Arabic users + link to cdburnerxp website + "About" window

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I don't think I can relate your previous posts to your account, sorry. Not every daily built contains a change from my side. If there is nothing in the development log, it's probably just a change

4.5 should be out soon, so you just need to be a little more patient. Appreciate that OpenCandy pays me well, otherwise this would be one of the tasks I wouldn't do anyway

SX2 is a "codename" for 4.5 (second large transition to StarBurnX). Merge: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merge_%28revision_control%29

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FYI, I'm following this topic, the whole forum and the UserVoice forum hourly.

So please, if you have any question (about RTL stuff etc) feel free to ask.

I'd be glad to answer anything I can.

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RTL text: How the strings are shown in their current position.

For example:

Enter CDBurnerXP in hebrew version > Erase Disc > The "Secure (...)" option is shown correctly. If it wasn't, it would be:

מאובטח (עבור נתונים סודיים)

See the ")"? It is misplaced and shows that it's not RTL text. (and by the way, the whole Erase Disc window is both RTL text & RTL UI)

RTL UI: How the whole sentence is shown in the window.

For example:

Enter CDBurnerXP in hebrew version > Copy Disc > The "בטל תיקון שגיאות חומרה" is NOT RTL UI. It's shown as LTR in the whole window.

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