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Guest Enismirdal

potential conflict with Nero 7.4.909 service?

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Guest Enismirdal

I may potentially have found some sort of bug, but I'm not sure enough of it to put this in the bugs forum, as I've a very heavily tweaked Windows XP Home install, and some slightly unusual and slightly outdated hardware - though not my CD/DVD burner.

So I was running an older version of CDBurnerXP, I forget which now, but at the latest 3.0-ish. I found there was a new version, updated to it, then installed a new version of SpyBot S&D, which insisted I reboot. Upon rebooting....it didn't. It got to the windows bootscreen, with the scrolling bar, and simply never went anywhere. I spent an hour or so using safe mode and autoruns to disable every single non-microsoft anything that autostarted, and eventually narrowed it down to an install of Nero 7 Essentials, 7.4.909 to be exact, and specifically Nero's incdrm service, titled "Nero MRW Filter Driver", incdrm.sys in system32\drivers. Disabled with autoruns, my PC boots normally. Enabled, it never goes anywhere. This had never been an issue before I updated CDBurnerXP and SpyBot, and that is the only thing that causes problems, though I did not test whether disabling all parts of CDBurnerXP or uninstalling it would allow a normal boot with incdrm enabled.


In other words, is it possible that some aspect of CDBurnerXP, I don't know the program well enough to even take a guess at what, is conflicting with Nero's incdrm service? I wouldn't be surprised if it was the fault of my odd setup and windows tweaking, but it seems a bit much of a coincidence that updating a CD burning program causes another CD burning suite to cause my computer to hang on boot. I'd appreciate a response, but it isn't urgent, I've fixed the problem well enough for my liking, I post this out of curiosity and in case this happens to anyone else.

If more info is needed, let me know and I'll do my best to comply. Thanks, and apologies if I missed something obvious or posted in the wrong place.


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