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Guest TedTrav

Verifying Burned Files

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Guest TedTrav

This is the best burner program I've used. I suspect I am either not using it completely correctly, or maybe I am just confused...

I tried to find a way to set the checkbox for verify after burn to always come on by default, and can't seem to find it anywhere. I'm sure this is just my lameness in finding the option somewhere. Any help would be appreciated.

I am burning DVD-R discs with lots of files, some big, some small. Large numbers of files. Once I start a 'Burn Disc' and then select 'Finalize Disc', it starts to burn,

and right away I click the left tab to turn on the checkbox for verify. Most of the time I get verify errors. But when it finishes and ejects, and I review the errors, then close the error window and plop another blank disc in to start again, things get strange. If I wait until the new blank disc spins up and mounts, then do a 'Retry', it starts to burn. I verify that the 'verify files' checkbox is again checked on, and wait a while. But when it is done this second time, it *always* says it completed successfully, but does NOT run the verify! Once it is closed and I just have the main window for the burn open, and the disc as been ejected, I do not see any way to force a verify pass.

Once the disc is ejected, is there any way to verify that the files burned correctly? This is very hard to do manually when there are hundreds and hundreds of files.

Thank you for any advice.

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