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Why cant I get it right???

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I have always been a complete dork when it comes to burning disks - but I am well on the way to getting near the finish line (hopefully)

My question is that having finally burnt to DVD - RW disks - that will replay on my PC, why does my domestic dvd player class the disk as unsupported.

I use identical disks in both my domestic panasonic player as those I burn to. I have tried both finalised (and unfinalised) disks, but always the Panasonic says the disk is unsupported!

From what I can tell it is the RW's that are the problem.

The panasonic apparently recognises virtually every know type, and indeed both my samsung DVD-RW' in my PC.

Is there something simple/obvious I am not doing OR is this the way things are.

A recorded dvd-RW from my domestic player, will play on my PC with no problem.

Where have I gone wrong??

You comments would be welcomed.


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Rewritable discs may not be compatible to all players, you can't do much about it except for buying another DVD player (or not using RW discs).

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