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CDBurnerXP 4.5 beta


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Hi, First thank you for the application and it is working, just not as expected. After installing the 4.5 Beta (had the drive not detected issue in the previous version) I have found that the write speed is being ignored. When writing a BD-R at 2x (thats what the screen says) it is only taking about 17 mins to write (obviously writing at 4x) which is the discs certified max speed (Imation 4x) I did see where it was logged that this was a known problem (FS#176) however that was specific to UDF and I am writing ISO 9660 / Joliet.


Win 7 x64


Drive - HL-DT-ST BD-RE WH12LS30

I appologize if if this has been posted in an incorrect area if so please direct me where to put it.

Thank you


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Thank you for this fine programm.

I´d tried v4.4.2. It did not work with my hardware, LG BH-10 LS BlueRay writer on an Asrock Sandy-Bridge-E, X79 mainboard with Win 7 x64.

It was only possible to erase a rewritble disk and to burn an image to disk but there was no way to create a data disk or else. There was no drive to select.

With this beta v4.5.0.3441, it works fine. No Problems at all.

I´ve burned CDs, DVDs and 1 BlueRay :wink2:


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