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[C] Some BluRay-related Issues

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I'm using CDBurnerXP for several years and were always satisfied. As I got a new BluRay-Device, I've noticed some issues:

Drive is a iHBS112-2 (Firmware CL0K) from Lite-On (CDBurnerXP says vendor ATAPI). It's in the compatibility list and it works fine for CD-R(W)s and DVD+R(W)s.

When I'm using Panasonic BD-REs (LM-BE25WE), secure erase doesn't seem to work right at all as it only lasts a few seconds (the same amount of time as fast erase).

Medium Information of the blank disk says total and free space both 23,31 GB, in the status line at the bottom Remaining size 23864,56MB.

This doesn't change doing a fast erase. If I'm doing a secure erase (always with eject&reload), I get

total and free space of 23,06GB, in the status line consequently 23608,56MB. This isn't changeable doing a fast or secure erase.

I can reset the disk capacity to 23,31GB using ImgBurns Full Erase.

When I'm trying to burn 13 folders with 290 files to this disk (estimated size 23801,50MB - Remaining size 64,50MB), I get a write error at 95% (reproducable with several mediums). ImgBurn works fine in this case, so I don't think it's a hardware issue.

EDIT: Further I noticed that CDBurnerXP needs about 90 minutes to write until the error at 95% percent occurs, while ImgBurn burns the whole disk in 45 minutes (roughly half the time). The BD-RE are labeled 2x speed.

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After installing the Update, I now can burn the whole 290 files without getting any error in 45 minutes (this issue should therefore be solved).

The problems with the secure erase persist - it ends quite fast and the medium info shows the wrong disk size afterwards (also in ImgBurn - there I can reset the disk doing a full erase as stated in my first post). I've updated the drives firmware to the latest (PL05) in the meanwhile without solving this issue.

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