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[C] 4,5 Beta 3 previous sessions with another Burning App

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It still does not seem possbile to continue a session created with another app, in this case Ashampoo. I get a dialog stating that only session already burned with CDBXP can be continues. I don't get the same with Starburns own app. Is this a bug or intention?


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If you don't have this issue with the StarBurn app itself, it may also depend on the file system you chose. Can you please compare the file system you used with Ashampoo and the FS you used with CDBurnerXP and the StarBurn app?

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No Joy. Added another session with Starburn App. Imported Ashampoo sessions OK. Reboot and try and add another session to the same disk with CDBXP4.5 b3. Same thing... Ashampoo (free version anyway) does not allow selection of FS

Optiarc DVD RW AD-7740H 1.00 (ATAPI)

Current Profile: DVD-R

Disc Information:

Status: Incomplete

State of Last Session: Empty

Erasable: No

Sessions: 11

Sectors: 1,823,077

Size: 3,733,661,696 bytes

Time: 405:09:52 (MM:SS:FF)

Free Sectors: 465,056

Free Space: 952,434,688 bytes

Free Time: 103:22:56 (MM:SS:FF)

Next Writable Address: 1832832


Supported Write Speeds: 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x

TOC Information:

Session 1... (LBA: 0)

-> Track 01 (Mode 1, LBA: 0 - 1822415)

Session 2... (LBA: 1822416)

-> Track 02 (Mode 1, LBA: 1822416 - 1823076)

-> LeadOut (LBA: 1823077)

Pre-recorded Information:

Manufacturer ID: MCC 03RG20

Recording Management Area Information:

HL-DT-ST KB29AH35223k001 DVDRAM GP08LU10

Physical Format Information (Last Recorded):

Disc ID: 0@P-!-00

Book Type: DVD-R

Part Version: 5

Disc Size: 120mm

Maximum Read Rate: Not Specified

Number of Layers: 1

Track Path: Parallel Track Path (PTP)

Linear Density: 0.267 um/bit

Track Density: 0.74 um/track

First Physical Sector of Data Area: 196,608

Last Physical Sector of Data Area: 2,019,684

Last Physical Sector in Layer 0: 0

Performance (Write Speed):

Descriptor 1...

-> B0: 0x00, B1: 0x00, B2: 0x00, B3: 0x00

-> EL: 2297888 (0x00231020)

-> RS: 8,310 KB/s (6x) - WS: 2,770 KB/s (2x)

Descriptor 2...

-> B0: 0x00, B1: 0x00, B2: 0x00, B3: 0x00

-> EL: 2297888 (0x00231020)

-> RS: 8,310 KB/s (6x) - WS: 5,540 KB/s (4x)

Descriptor 3...

-> B0: 0x00, B1: 0x00, B2: 0x00, B3: 0x00

-> EL: 2297888 (0x00231020)

-> RS: 8,310 KB/s (6x) - WS: 8,310 KB/s (6x)

Descriptor 4...

-> B0: 0x03, B1: 0x00, B2: 0x00, B3: 0x00

-> EL: 2297888 (0x00231020)

-> RS: 11,080 KB/s (8x) - WS: 11,080 KB/s (8x)


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I still don't know about the file systems being used. Can you please check after burning with your Ashampoo version which FS is used? You can use IsuBuster for this purpose. Which settings do you use in StarBurn?

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OK. That particular disk I had to redo after trying to add another session with Ashampoo. I extracted the last session files with ISObuster. As for the FS, each session has three, UDF, Joliet and ISO9660 on every disl created with Ashampoo/ As for the Starburn App, its whatever the default is, I did not adjust the FS. Have you somewhere to dump an ISO so you can look at it yourself? The only thing I note now is that the Staburn App uses SPTD. This problem existed with old versions of CDBXP, I assumed that it was yet another problem caused by NMS, so could the problem be in some other part of the code?


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Did some testing now. I can probably add a fallback mechanism, so that CDBXP automatically switches to a different file system if importing is not possible. At least it works with Ashampoo in then.

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I cant uplead any more screen shots. The files are 15.6 k but I get a message that they are too big. I have another for ISO9660 and UDF.

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