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CDBurnerXP releases are digitally signed

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All CDBurnerXP setup packages are digitally signed. The signature allows you to verify whether or not the file you downloaded (especially from sites other than cdburnerxp.se) is the original and safe setup package. No one other than me can make changes to these files without removing the diginal signature.

If the signature is intact, you will see the publisher name "Canneverbe Limited" in prompts like these:




If the digital signature is missing (the publisher name is not shown), you should not start the installation.

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Hi, I am a long time user of CDBurnerXP. I have just configured a new desktop with Windows 7 Pro. I downloaded CDBurnerXP from your site (access from link in Wikipedia). Downloaded and saved the software. Installed it without checking if it was signed or not. It would not start. Nil response. Uninstalled the product and repeated the installation (with compatibility setting set to XP SP2 (as suggested by windows. I checked the downloaded file with AVG - no issues. When I now execute the program I get the opportunity to select English as the language (small screen only) and then nothing. Now Windows explorer has hung as has Internet Explorer. Also a BSOD - Driver_power_state_failure.

I kept the following .jpgs from messages that occurred during the installation. I saved then as snips format .PNGs but I am not sure how to attached them. they basically said:

1. Windows requires a digitally signed driver - unknowned program, service = starOpen

2. Incompatible application detected - cdbxpp (This message also said "windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown). I have the log

3. I then click on the MS message to say windows can look for a solution online, which I did but no response so far.

Any help as to what happened and how I may resolve any problems I have would be much appreciated. thank you.

I have attached the snips





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Microsoft Edge reports that the digital signature for v4.5.6.6053 is corrupt or invalid and when I try to run the file Smart Screen reports it as unsafe and shows up as untrusted publisher even though the file properties says the digital signature is OK.  Is there a fix or workaround?

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