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[C] Defaults to slow 2x (8,990 KB/sec) when choosing higher speed.

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This is a really annoying bug so I'm giving as much info as possible.

Hardware: Pioneer BDR-2207 using 1.21 Firmware (http://www.amazon.co...TF8&me=&seller=)

Media: Verbatim - Mitsubishi Kagaku 4x BD-R Dual Layer 50GB (http://www.amazon.co..._mg_668575011_1)

Software: CDBurner XP and then tried 4.5 beta 3, 64 bit (Jul 21) from the google docs beta page. Both have the same bug.

Problem: When creating a Data disc with 1 file that is 47,200MB, I have 2x and 4x speeds available by default, and then an Other Speeds option. In Other Speeds, I have 6x and 8x available, so I choose 6x as to not overload my hard drive. Rather than burn at 6x, it defaults down to 2x which takes 45 minutes to burn a disc. If I leave it default, it will burn at 4x.

Screenshot: http://home.comcast.net/~nirvgorilla/cdburnerxpbug.png

The reason I think 6x should be all right despite the media being rated at 4x is because using ImgBurn, I am able to burn this media at an incredible 8x (36,019 KB/sec!) Screenshot for proof: http://i.imgur.com/5rABM.png

If I am unable to burn this media in CDBurner XP at 6x, then I shouldn't have 6x and 8x available to even choose. At best, it should always default to the highest rated speed for the media, not the lowest. It's unnecessarily frustrating for it to behave that way.

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