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Hmmm, what should I answer to this? There is no way for me to test all configurations of hardware and software out there. So my answer is there shouln't be any problem as long as you not running them at the same time. But why not try it, this is a free program you don't pay anything, if you don't like it just uninstall it. Don't know if this helped you, but it's the best answer I can give you

Regards Stefan

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Thank you for the answer!

My concern is this: I've read on other forums that you should never install (2) burning apps, such as Nero & Roxio, on the same computer, as they will/could conflict with each other. So I would like to try your software, but don't want to corrupt my Roxio installation.



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As I already told you I have 3 burning apps installed (also Nero some time combined with others) and never had any problems.

I don't think it's that problem if you install more than 1 burning app, that is a bit exaggerated. The only thing that you really shouldn't do is install 2 antivirus or firewalls.

Even if you would get any problems with 2 or more burning apps, you can still reinstall them without loosing any settings. if that doesn't work you have to delete some vxd files, but that shouldn't be the problem.

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I suppose there's no interference with other software. As my experience shows, up to 5 burners can exist at one PC. They aren't incompatible and they don't have interference either in registry nor in program paths. CDBXPP doesn't have any problems with other burning soft as far as I know.

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