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  1. I made a DVD copy and took up 4GB on my Hard Drive. I cannot find to delete off my Hard Drive. I looked in folders, My Movies, My Music, Incomplete folder and the like and cannot find where I can delete this 4GB on my Hard Drive. I uninstalled CD Burner thinking it might remove this 4GB. I don't want to make any more DVD copies using this software if I cannot delete info on my HD. I have Window XP Professional. I hope someone can help as this is a serious matter. I downloaded this software as makes copies from ISO DVD home movies I have generated from Pioneer DVR. Thank you
  2. I have family DVD movies which were originally on VHS tape dating back to 1985. Since that time I had edited/re-edited and recopied these VHS tapes with hi end Panasonic VCR's over the years. I purchased Pioneer's home entertainment DVR-310 in 2005 to copy all onto DVD. I then tried to make copies using my computer and was getting an ISO error message as that was the format on the copied DVD. I let it alone and went back to making copies using the DVR-310. Today I searched the internet for ISO CD burning. CDburnerXP was listed and was FREE! I have DELL's laptop Latitude D830 which is 1-1/2 years old. This afternoon I downloaded this software and burned one DVD copy w/o a hitch! To me, the copy was the same as the original. No loss of picture quality. All I really need is CDBurnerXP to read ISO and copy. Also, it is most USER FRIENDLY.. I rate this software a 10! I have additional software for copying music and rented movies. For anyone's information, Sony's latest DVD players, will play computer generated DVD"s along with copied DVD's from other manufactures home intertainment DVR's. I was not able to try their HD player and have not checked Panasonics models to see if will play these type copied DVD formats. Not all DVD players will play copied material or computer generated DVD'S. Thank you FLO for presenting your software on the internet! Yes, I will be making a donation via Paypal.
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