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Errors with a dvd

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Hi all,

i am needing help with a dvd i have recieved. The DVD is a video catalogue from a supplier and is not copyrighted, i am trying to convert the dvd to avi so i can exctract the clips of products i am ordering for use on an instore TV. I have done this previously with older catalogues and resulted in great success.

However this years one is causing problems. When i first insert the dvd into my PC it takes longer than usual to load, instead of the DVD playback and interaction being quick like with normal DVDs there is a very noticable delay. When i open the dvd in windows explorer to copy & paste out the VOB files, again windows takes a long time to process even click and highlight commands from the mouse and the disc is spinning away loudly in the drive. Very often the computer completely freezes on me. When i finally can highlight the VOB files and copy them to the hard drive i recieve an error very quickly stating a cyclic reduncancy error.

When i load the disc up using XP burner in data disc mode i get a pop up saying that the disc has multiple sessions and would i like to ignore or continue them. If i continue i can see the TS folders, and can open them to see the files but the folders are in red and the files inside them have plain white icons with red squars on them. I have tried copying the disc to HD as an ISO using copy mode but it fails giving an error.

It is occuring on multiple PCs, XP 32bit and Win7 64bit.

Can anybody offer any help? I am assuming it has somethign to do with the multiple sessions?


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From what you describe, it very much looks like the DVD is physically damaged and thus partially not readable. You might try tools like IsoBuster to read that least the undamaged parts.

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