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  1. With the portable version of CDBurnerXP, I am unable to add files to the burn pane. I have no such problems when running the installed version of CDBurnerXP. I was advised to registering “NMSDVDXU.dll” on my system (Vista Ultimate) to solve this problem with the portable version. Can someone assist me, I have 3 questions about NMSDVDXU.dll (1) where can I download NMSDVDXU.dll, (2) where on my system should I install/put it, and (3) how do I go about registering it – if it needs to be registered? Thank you for taking the time to help. Jerry Lejeune.
  2. Flo, thanks for responding to my request for help in not being able to add files to the burn pane using the portable version of CDBurnerXP. Your solution is that I need to register NMSDVDXU.dll on my system. Unfortunately I do not know how to do this. Can you tell me how I can down load, install, and register NMSDVDXU.dll on my system. Thank you very much. Jerry Lejeune.
  3. I can not use the portable version of CDBurnerXP to add data files and then burn them. The error message says: unable to COM object of type 'NMSDVDXLIB DATAIMAGEXCLASS' to interface type "NMSDVDXLIB.IDATAIMAGEX'. When I install the setup version of CDBurnerXP I can add data files and burn them to a CD without any problems. I would like to use the portable version. Can any one assist me in helping me get the portable version to add files (using either the "add" button or dragging them into that bottom right hand burn pane) so that I can burn them to a CD. Thanks. Jerry.
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