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cannot read ISO on Apple when ISO file size is very big

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Create ISO File with "iso 9660 / Joliet / UDF" File System on Windows 7 Machine. Total File Size 20G, about 1000 video files plus a few other files.

Store that ISO File on SD Card.

When plugging into Apple, then SD Card appears empty. Not one file visible. (On Windows everyhting is there.)

Made test with few files (e.g., 1G, 5 video files for ISO Image) - then everything works well also on Apple.

Is there any restriction on data size or number of files for iso image in apple computer?

Any clue how to solve that problem?


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If the SD card is formatted with FAT32, it won't work. Make sure it's NTFS. And if it is, maybe the Apple OS is not able to read files that large on NTFS file systems.

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