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Device does not support the write mode

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Hi. I am using your "cdbxpcmd.exe" to burn disks. When I try to execute the following command I get an error.


"C:\Program Files\CDBurnerXP\cdbxpcmd.exe" --burn-data -eject -dao -name:"Niagara 2007 1" -verify -device:0 -layout:"d:\users\miki725\appdata\local\temp\burn.xdp"


Loading compilation...

Starting to write disc...1046 Files, Size: 4.37 GB

An error (280) occured while executing the command: Unsupported write mode:

Device does not support the write mode

I have no idea as to how to debug it. My assumption/understanding of an error is that the device does not support the DAO mode since that is what specified in the command,

What is interesting is that when I try to open the xdp file I generate (burn.xdp which is also attached) in CDBurnerXP GUI application, I am able to burn the disk. Inside the GUI, same as in the command, I am also using DAO mode. So it seems that the GUI can burn the DAO mode and it seems that command interface cannot. Attached is a screenshot of the burn settings screen inside the GUI. Also attached is a screenshot of the recorder information which shows that my drive support DAO mode.

What I am encountering, is it a bug in "cdbxpcmd.exe" or I am not doing something right?

Can you please help. Thank you.




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Thanx for the reply.

TAO creates a multi-session disk, however I need to create single-session disk so that later, I can't add anything to it.

How can I do that?


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