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[X] Open sessions not recognised

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I've had this problem for a long time (i.e. over many versions). Sometimes, when I insert a CDR with an open session, the burner recognises the open session and asks me if I want to add data (good!) but most of the times it does not. So,

1. The open session of an open session CDR is not recognised.

2. Sometimes ejecting the CD several times and re-inserting it helps, but sometimes not.

3. Yes, I have the most recent version.

4. When the open session is not recognised, the CD "looks" blank. I have found no icon or way to make the burner refresh or re-read the CD. There is no way to make it look for the open session, right?

5. We are not talking about huge numbers of open sessions. I believe the limit for that is 99, but there are problems much lower than that.

6. I just tried to add data to an open session CD with only 12 open sessions. It had several folders on it, including one called "Versions". Windows explorer read the CD correctly and completely, but the burner would not show any contents or recognise the open session. So, in burner I created a folder called "Versions" and added a file to that. My hope was that burner would recognise that this folder already existed and add the file to it, but instead it wiped the previous directory and now it looks like there is only one folder with one file on this CD, when there is a lot more on it. Windows explorer also only sees one folder and one file.

So, is there a fix for this? Is there any way to make the burner re-check for an open session? It's there. Windows Explorer can see it.

Everything else works well and there are never any error messages.

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