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CDBurnerXP 4.5 RC


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I consider the new version 4.5 stable enough now for general usage. Thus the homepage of CDBurnerXP will currently replace the 4.4 version by 4.5 randomly, so that more users download the new version. If no serious issues come up during this time, I will update all download links permanently.

For more details on the changes in 4.5 and download links, check: https://forum.cdburnerxp.se/forum-18/announcement-1-cdburnerxp-45-beta/

There are still a couple of issues left that will be fixed as soon as possible, but should not delay the release of 4.5:

  • When burning data discs, the selected write speed may be ignored (uses maximum speed then)
  • Setting a custom date/time for files and folders is not yet possible.
  • "Publisher" and "application" information are not burned to discs with UDF file system
  • When importing older sessions, the file size of the imported files is not shown in the file list.
  • Verification does not currently provide a list of failed files (if any)

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I am quite pushing them I'd say. I've got their Skype user names and thus the licence to annoy on a daily basis ^^

Version numbers don't matter here though. I try to have them implement 2. first (should not take that long), then focus on 1. The first issue is somewhat harder to fix (as far as they told me), so it could take a month or so until I actually see a bug fix here.

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Currently, the most important and major issues are:

1. Mirrored text (in Data Disc "drag and drop files here" and the dropbox itself).

2. RTL the "Copy Disc" UI.

3. RTL the text & icons in "Device Info" window.

4. RTL the "Video DVD" UI.


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I don't know if it's bug but when you use Joliet you can't use long name of disk. In 4.4 there was this option but in 4.5 there isn't.

I'm sorry if I post it in wrong topic. :-?

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