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File Dates on Data Disc are exactly 1 day off - v.

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Please pardon if this item has been addressed in a later version update. (I've checked the update logs from to the latest versions on the web site, but see no mention of any "fixed date problem". Also, I've searched and browsed the Forum for open or closed bug reports mentioning the problem, but have not seen it reported anywhere.)

For the record, I am using Windows 7 Ultimate with SP1, 32 bit version, and have 4 Gb of RAM in my PC.

I just completed burning (and verifying) 409 data files totaling about 1.5 Gigabytes to a to a 'Data disc' DVD, using CDBurnerXP v. To visually check the burn, I started Total Commander and viewed the DVD in the left-hand pane, and the original files on my hard drive in the right hand pane. To make a 'quick and dirty' comparison, I pressed the Shift-F2 keys, which compares the files in the two displayed folders for name, size, and date-time stamps. Since I had just copied the files to the DVD, I expected to see the standard message, "The files in the source and target directories look identical!".

To my surprise, I did not receive that message. Instead, ALL files in the right hand folder on the hard disk (the source files) were highlighted, and NO files in the left hand folder on the DVD (the target files, just burned) were highlighted. In Total Commander, this situation indicates that there are no NEW filenames present, but every file that has been highlighted on the right hand side is a newer version of the same file on the left side; to make both sides identical, one is supposed to copy all the highlighted files to the 'other side', overwriting the 'older' versions.

Of course, I knew this to be incorrect, so examined the files more closely. It turned out that every file on the DVD bore the correct TIME stamp, but the DATE stamp was exactly one day previous to the original file on the hard disk! For instance, a jpg picture I had taken on New Years Eve, December 31, 2010 at 8:26 PM (the date-time on the hard disk) showed up on the DVD as December 30, 2010 at 8:26 PM. Total Commander, thinking the original file was a newer version of the DVD file, indicated I should copy the original to the DVD, overwriting the 'older' version on the DVD. The two files were identical, only the DATE stamp differed.

I checked the files using Windows Explorer, and they showed the same date-time stamps as Total Commander, indicating that this was not a problem with Total Commander. However, when I re-inserted the DVD with CDBurnerXP running, and indicated that I wanted to 'continue' the disk, it showed all the files in the lower pane WITH THE CORRECT DATES! To me, this indicates a problem with the way CDBurnerXP v. is handling file dates internally.

If this behavior has been changed in a newer version, my apologies. I hope that someone else can verify that the behavior I've described when burning a 'Data disc' is accurate, and if that is true for the current version, I hope it can be corrected in the next release.



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