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SPAN DISCS: Free space doesn't match - DISC REQUIRED

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I have a large amount of files that I need to back up. I first tried to span discs using CDBurnerXP, but on the second disc it started saying there wasn't enough space on the brand new DVD-R. So I generated ISO files for the four discs, specifying DVD-R. When I go to burn the ISO onto a brand new DVD-R, I get the error attached, which basically says I need 4475.19MB free, but my empty DVD-R disc has only 4478.88MB free. Not sure where that 3+MB went, but I can't burn any of these ISOs. I've tried several dsics, and just get the same thing every time.

I'd go back and re-create the ISO files, but it took a LONG time, and I'm not sure it would make any difference. I believe I set everything properly when I generated them in the first place. Does anyone know if there's a way for me to burn these ISOs?

I am using Windows 7 Pro, CDBurnerXP v4.5.0.3600, and my drive is an HP SH-216ALN



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According to Wikipedia, a DVD-R should have a capacity of 4707319808 bytes. From this CDBurnerXP subtracts 13824000 bytes for lead in and lead out. So there should be 4476 MB free on the disc. I'll ask StarBurn if there can possibly be smaller DVD-R discs. For now you could specify a smaller disc size for disc spanning manually.

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