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Save Image Cache when burning CDs until Exiting

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If I select "Cache image before writing" and am making multiple copies of the same disc, i.e., click on Write Disc, insert new disc when done, and click on Write Disc again, CDBurnerXP creates a new image each time it burns a CD. My suggestion would be to save the cached image until clicking on Done. This could be very time saving. I see no reason to create a new image each time. Why not clear the old image only when exiting the disc burnning completely?

CDBurnerXP help indicates image caching is only needed when burning from different locations, like an audio CD, etc, but I found I need to cache the image even when burning data CD's from my harddrive. Otherwise, I get ton's of verify errors. If I cache - no errors. May be my system/CD drive, etc, but it works fine when I cache, I have no problems with the CD.

CDBurnerXP Pro v 3.0.115. OS is WinXP Home SP2.




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