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Distortion on Burned CD-Rs

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Sorry for repeating this query here,i didnt know which forum to post.....

Hello everyone

im sorry if this query has been previously adressed but in the last week i have encountered a serious problem which has rendered my use of CDBurner XP all but useless

I have created many great sounding CDs using CDburner xp over 2 years without any problem but recently CDs i have burnt are almost inaudible when i play them back on my CD player due to a rough sounding distortion and repetitive flicking sound

I have tried uninstalling CDburnerxp and re-installing several times,tried different brands of CD-Rs,checked playback on my different CD players but still the problem remains

My computer CD rom is working normally when i checked in device manager

Could someone please help me? i have alot of music stored on my computer i want to transfer to CD as i enjoy playing them on my Cd player

Many thanks for any advice,i am in despair over this as it is something i enjoy doing creating my own CDs


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i tried the previous version and a couple of older versions and its the same problem

i just cannot understand it,i playback my CD-Rs on a Denon CD player which picks up all my CDs i made with CDBurner xp without any problem so it isnt the CD player which is at fault

I use CDBurner xp as its easy and convenient for me and im really familiar and comfortable it but i just cannot isolate the problem

im pretty sure it may be to do with my hardware but i havent detected any faults

i may try CD+R? i dont know what else to do but get a new computer

i have burnt a couple of thousand CD-Rs and the same amount of DVD-Rs on this computer,could it be wearing down?

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