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CD Burner can't import session, because filesystem is unsupported

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Today I installed

I wanted to expand my backup-DVD with a new session. This DVD was burned with the previous version of CD Burner XP. When choosing "Continue with this disk", the next thing shown is "importing sessions" and then I get an error stating the session cannot be imported because it's filesystem is unsupported.

So this seems like a very big bug in this new version.

I'm guessing the DVD is burned as ISO/9660, because that's the default setting of CD Burner XP in this new version.

Hope you can correct this! I really like CD Burner XP because of it's simplicity.

Kind regards,

Mirco Babin, The Netherlands.

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Allright if this is by design. It just means I have to start a new DVD.

But when I started CD Burner XP, I was asked to update to the new version. Release notes were not presented to me. There was no chance for me to read possible issues.

1) Please consider building a mechanism into the autoupdate procedure, so existing users can read the release notes first. And then choose to update.

2) And also a mechanism in the autoupdate procedure to restore the previous version if the new version fails for some reason. (I tried to install my previous version, but I didn't have a clue what version it was).

Thanks and happy christmas,

Mirco Babin

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Such incompatibilities only occur very rarely, it's not worth the effort on my side adding special methods for that. Also, we usually become aware of such issues after the official release.

You can get each and every older version of CDBurnerXP from http://download.cdburnerxp.se/ (for example).

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