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Can not burn audio discs (None of the files could be added..)

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Hi everyone,

Got a problem here and I'd like to get it fixed ASAP since I have to burn some Xmas CDs.

Few weeks ago I burned audio CDs just fine. Possibly some things have changed on my computer but no clue what/when/how. Anyway, when I try to compose an audio CD I get the error that no files can be added and the disc can not be burned. I get this prior to processing the MP3 files.

Tried several different MP3s from different sets with different bitrates etc. Files can be played with Winamp and are not locked/removed/wrong filepath. Filenames do not include special characters such as é ê and the like. Happens with disc at once and track at once mode. Uninstalled and reinstalled CDburnerXP but that did not help. Using version

I've read somewhere in a very old and outdated topic that I should try to replace bass.dll with the one posted in that very topic, but then the program refuses to work because of an incorrect version of bass.dll, hence I reinstalled the program entirely.

What could have changed that effects CDburnerXP? Please get me back on track because I'm stuck and I really need to get this stuff handled, preferably today! If you need any more information or my MP3 files, just let me know what, I'll be happy to share every bit of info as long as I can get back to burning my music CDs. I added one file from the set in case you need to check the file. However I doubt it's the file because its giving me the same error with every MP3 I can come up with. Even those that used to be burned flawlessly a few weeks back.

Thanks in advance!

- G


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I noticed you asked that in some other topics too. I do not know to which file you are referring but I don't have such file. I only have %appdata%\Roaming\Canneverbe Limited\CDBurnerXP\StarBurn.log and similar..\UserSettings.ini

Hidden files are shown and secured system files are revealed as well.

PS: Deleted download link to MP3 since the file has been verified now.

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