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CDBurnerXP : always cache files from removable media?

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I just installed CDBurnerXP on my XP SP3 system.

Very nice looking "lightweigth" program! :)

I want to burn 19GB of data, located on a (32GB) flash drive, to a 25GB BD-R media.

Under "Data Options", I cleared the "Automatically cache files from removable media" option, since my HD doesn't have enough free space left to cache that much data (and it shouldn't be necessary as flasdrives are "fairly fast" at reading...).

The problem is that the program still caches the files, even though the option has been cleared:

when I drag files to the compilation window, a "FromRemovableMedia" folder is created in the system temp directory, and compilation files are copied to it (I then abort the process before running our of free HD space).

Is there some other way to force the program TO NOT cache files from removable media?

Thank you!

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