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[C] Don't hide menu bar.

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When I want to burn a disc from an ISO image, I cancel this dialog because none of the choices are appropriate for the task:


When the main window appears, the menu bar is hidden! The only way to access the "File>Write Disc from ISO File" option is to start a new compilation first. This really does not make any sense because I don't want a "new" compilation, I want to work with an *existing* image file. Also, it is not "user-friendly" to have unlabled buttons without a menu bar alternative.

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I see. It's good to see that development is so active ;)

However, the implementation still creates a new compilation. It would be more user-friendly if you stick to the document model. Clicking "Cancel" should display the main application window with no "document" loaded. The menu bar should be made visible and "File>New..." should display the same dialog that was already dismissed.

Also, having a background image enabled by default does not make it obvious to the user that no "document" (compilation) is being worked with.

Sorry to be so critical, but GUI's have always been my specialty. Nero's interface is particularly bad.

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