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cdbxpcmd.exe does not see the SPTD driver

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I do not remember to what CDBurnerXP version I upgraded (maybe half a year ago), but now the cdbxpcmd.exe claims that "SPTD driver is not installed". The driver IS installed, I re-installed it several times. If I change the UseSPTD= to 1 in UserSettings.ini, the GUI CDBurnerXP.exe crashes with an exception (see attached picture). The command line for cdbxp.cmd.exe is: --burn-data -device:0 "-folder:S:\32NT\CD Folders\CD" "-name:Disk1" -verify -tao -speed:16 -sptd.

Any ideas? OS is the 32-bit Windows XP SP3.

Another issue that appeared at the same time is that data verification process is not linear anymore. The console output is:

Verifying: 0%

Verifying: 15%

Verifying: 67%

Verifying: 71%

Verifying: 94%

Verifying: 100%

The time between 0% and 94% is approx. 3 times smaller than between 94% and 100%. This is not a big deal, but earlier versions worked better. BTW, where can I download previous versions?


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