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"Wrapper"-*.iso around "Sub"-*.iso images possible?

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Assume I have a couple of independent *.iso images. Each of them can be put on an own CD/DVD, then the computer booted and the actual application run.

Think of e.g.

Clonezilla *.iso,

AVG Antivir *.iso and

GParted *.iso

Now I prefer not to burn 3 CDs for the three applications mentioned above.

Instead I want to put the three *.iso on ONE CD/DVD then wrap them into an "Outer"/Wrapper"

operating system.

When booted the outer operation system should let the user choose which of the inner *.iso should be run afterwards. The menu selection can be simple.

Is this possible somehow?

Can CDburnerXP (or another application you may know) generate such a selection boot code?


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