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How to desactivate files lock?

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I love CDBurnerXP, I really appreciate its simplicity and efficiency.

I've just upgraded to the last version, and there is a very annoying feature I don't want and didn't ask for: the files are locked when added to the compilation.

This is very annoying as I can't arrange my files in folders while figuring out how to maximize the filling of the DVD I wanna burn.

I searched the options but didn't find any checkbox to deactivate that.

How could I do?

I've installed back the 3.4.9 version for now.

Thanks for your help :)


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This is only your opinion :-) And I don't agree with it.

Files should be at their right place when I click the "burn" button, not before.

Before, I tidy up and arrange the files and directories, so they shouldn't be locked.

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I don't understand what you are doing. If you add them to the compilation first, how can you move them afterwards? If they are not in the same location as before, they cannot be burned successfully anyway.

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