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Cor Bryant

Network Folders - What can I do?

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I use CDBXP at the office from time to time mainly to cram a bunch of downloads onto DVDs to take home. =) Today, I had to create a DVD for a client, and in doing so - I had to send them home around 9AM because it was taking so long to create the temp folder with their files in it. The issue is that all files are kept on a central file server and CD Burner XP is installed on my local workstation, thus - I imagine it's copying everything from the network folder to a local folder on my hard drive in order to burn it.

My question is this -- is there any way to speed this process up without installing CD Burner XP on the server and burning from there? (No burner there, or I probably would have) It literally took all day to get to the point where it's burning. It's only 4GB of data, but client files tend to be a metric f**k ton of pics, PDFs and small Word & Excel files. I'm pretty sure it's the sheer number of files it's copying since it has to stop, create a directory entry, copy the file, and repeat over and over.

Any ideas here? Much appreciated!


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There is a "network caching" option in CDBurnerXP, but it's turned off by default. You might want to check if you enabled it accidentially.

Other than that, CDBurnerXP only tries to open the files once without reading them for checking file access.

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