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Archival Utilities - Backup File Lists, Placeholder Files, Etc.

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For years now, I have been using optical media as a method of archival. However, while burning the files is fairly painless, keeping track of them requires a good deal of extra time and effort.

I have a few ideas for utilities that would make archival much less painful. While these are surely possible to do as standalone applications (and I am open to hearing about alternative suggestions), I'm not sure any alternative would replace the convenience of integration with the burning software.

(1) Backup File Lists:

This is perhaps the easiest of my suggestions, as the current save file format (XML) could probably be converted to CSV or even plaintext (tab-delimited) to provide a good record of everything that is on a disc.However, some information would need to be added, such as the filesize and preferably a few choice hash algorithms.

The main purpose of this suggestion is to help to know what is on a disc without having to locate/load it.

(2) Placeholder Files:

Similarly, one may wish to keep a hierarchy of placeholder files on the local drive, and use that to reference an indexed disc. It would be very convenient if the burning application could automatically create small placeholder files indicating both the disc ID of the file as well as some other file details (size, date, hash, etc.).

To prevent all files from receiving placeholders, a minimum size "threshold" could be enabled.

The purpose of this suggestion is to help easily locate a file via a search and/or hierarchy, while keeping the contents of the file on an optical disc.

(3) Directory Hybrid:

There may also be a way to merge these two ideas by leaving one placeholder file per directory, which contains all the file details. So, for example, if a directory was burned to one disc at one point in time, it would receive a "{DISCID}.ext" placeholder file. However, later that same directory could be burned again and receive a new placeholder file.

(4) Plugins / Extensions

Finally, if all of this tickles your "bloat" bone, then perhaps an interface could be made to enable a plugin/extension model to accomplish these tasks.

If anyone has other archival-related suggestions, I'd love to see them on this thread. I truly look forward to the day when I can drag some files over to the CDBurnerXP window, hit burn, and let it do the rest--never again having to worry about whether or not I'll be able to find/verify those files again in the future.

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Was I too verbose/descriptive?


Is anyone else interested in archival options?


Is there perhaps a way to use an external program with the compilation (".dxp") files to perform some of the tasks mentioned automatically?


Does anyone have any alternative suggestions for archival that would accomplish those tasks?

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