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[X] Add vs Drag & Drop inconsistency

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I am a new and delighted user who used CDBurnerXP for the first time yesterday to accomplish a DVD-burning task that Nero has consistently failed to accomplish over the last few weeks, always telling me "NMDIIHost.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close" before crashing. See here for details: http://forum.my.nero...showtopic=15730

The reason I am posting here is because CDBurner didn't quite get it right first time, and I would consider what happened indicative of a bug.

The task, the same task that causes Nero irrecoverable grief, was to burn 1095 mp3 files to a DVD+R, total size around 3.7 GB.

The first time I tried it with CDBurnerXP, I used the Add button. In the File Open dialogue, I selected all 1095 files and clicked Open. Attached cdburnerxp error.bmp is a screenshot of the error message I get. The filename is reported incorrectly - it is an mp3 file and the final 3 has been truncated in the error message. More to the point, the file /does/ exist and Winamp is happy to play it. The only recourse I have at this stage is to hit Cancel in the File Open dialogue.

Out of interest, I tried using drag and drop to add the files instead. This time, CDBurnerXP reported that two files could not be added because their filenames were longer than 127 characters. Once I fixed that, I was able to add them too, and go ahead and burn successfully.

My provisional conclusion is that the two long filenames, correctly diagnosed via the drag and drop route, are causing data corruption via the Add route - perhaps a buffer overrun?

Hope this helps to make a great piece of software even greater.


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I'm pretty sure that you reached a limit here in the "open file" dialog. If you select too many files, it won't work. Not really a bug in CDBurnerXP, this component is made by Microsoft and I can't do anything about it. Sorry (use drag and drop instead).

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Hi! Thanks for reply. If it's a Microsoft component, yes, you can't increase the number of files, true; but what you can maybe do is intercept an attempt to add too many files, and issue an error message to that effect? I imagine the upper limit will be documented, or at least able to be established. That would be a lot more user-friendly than the positively misleading error message that I encountered, assuming that is typical.

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