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support for blu-ray BDXL 100GiB and 128GiB discs

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I would like to see support for blu-ray BDXL 100GiB and 128GiB discs, 50GiB BDR-DL, 50GiB BD-RE DL, 25GiB BDR (SL) and 25GiB BD-RE (SL).

see blu-ray specification

there are other blu-ray specifications (just shorten to domain) and there are rules regarding use for some vs others.



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At the current prices, I guess this is not really an option for 99,9% of CDBurnerXP users. I assume we'll certainly support these discs should they become more widespread.

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oh. I just clicked on "carton" and saw the $1K price tag...

by the onesies it's $43.25 - sorry. guess you are right. going to be a while before I use that for backup...

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those are the cheap ones, the expensive ones like TDK (was that it?) are about $100-$179 or so and only come in onsies in jewel cases. sharp in japan has the 128GiB version. it hasn't made it here yet.

if you dig through all the 2010 reviews, you can find some 100GB discs for sale if you google BDXL 100GB discs -review.

I was looking at these 2 drives at newegg.com and got the Pioneer BDR-2208 drive (might work with larger capacity discs up to 400GB if they come out, drive is flashable for the upgrade):



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sharp and everyone else no longer sells (or makes) the 128GB BDXL. guess it went off the market. research is desining 500GB and 1TB optical holographic discs, someone is designing a 200GB blu-ray disc...

BD-R DL's (50GB) on the other hand, are $3.28 each and you can get them from any media supply company, like mediasupply.com


not sure why those 100GB discs are still so expensive. could not even find them for a long time, and then eventually found that now there are 2 companies making them at about same price, $43 each.

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