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Track order when dragging and dropping files from list

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I don't know if this should be reported here but after spending some time trying to solve the problem I decided it's probably worth mentioning here in case anybody else can help.


When I open a folder containing an mp3 album, I have noticed that when I drag and drop the files that they are re arranged by CDBurnerXP. They don't seem to be re-ordered in any particular way, for example, they are not re-listed in CDBurnerXP

's files window alphabetically.


I checked that each file begins with "01" followed by the track title.


I checked in a tag edittor that the files contain the correct track number, for example the first track in the list is...


01 These Foolish Things


The track tag in the track number field is " 1 ".


If I drag and drop the files one at a time they remain in the order I dropped them. I suspect this is a file system issude related to Windows XP. It would be very good if you could make your CDBurnerXP always use track numbers if the tag exists?


Another consideration here is that if the contents of an album only take up half of an 80 minute CD, I add files from another album to fill the CD so this might effect the way the track number tags work in CDBurnerXP?


I have found the odd album folder that does drag and drop in the order of the file name but despite much scrutiny am unable to spot the difference between the ones that drag and drop correctly and the ones that don't (even using the tag edittor to check deeper into the mp3 file).


Hope you can help but I don't realy know how to search for this problem, it's an odd one!


Thanks, best wishes, Dave



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