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Verification engine often hangs with v4.5.1.4003

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I am using CdBurnerXP currently with Windows 7 and a plextor BDDVDR PX-B320SA combo DVD Writer / Blu-Ray disc reader. Burning is always OK, but verification engine hangs very often, if not all the time. This morning, I was burning a 2,64 GB iso on a 4,7 GB Verbatim DVD+RW and verification process hanged at 8%. There were no I/O access anymore.


Then, I used md5summer with burned DVD to create md5 sum of all DVD files and checked with HDD files. All files were OK, so I'm inclined to think that the verification engine is a little bit weak.



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I updated CdBurnerXP with v4.5.2.4214 and I was not able to reproduce this kind of issue. I am still aware of that, and will repost if necessary. However that is not easy to track since this issue cannot be reproduced systematically. Often does not mean twice, one try and the next one. Moreover, This could imply that log should be activated permanently, which is not recommended by kb18. And, finally, the log buffer may not be flushed before the hang, which could not give useful traces.

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Yeah it's a bit difficult to fix issues that don't show very often. If you have no issues with the log file turned on, you can keep it for a while. It could get performance issue but should not do any harm otherwise.

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