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[C] CdBurnerXP no longer offers to erase the DVD+RW before burning an iso - v4.5.1.4003

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As I always burn iso images with the same rewritable media, I used to directly launch the burning process of the iso image and CDBurnerXP was clever enough to detect that there was no space left on the media and suggested me to erase it. In fact, this procedure works as expected whenever you want to burn a file compilation, but does not work anymore with iso images. Instead, the burning process fails immediately with an error telling me that " the verification ca not be performed because current burner did not burn data. "

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I tried to open the file in two different ways:

1 - with the "open with" context menu:

- Selecting the iso file, right clic on the file with the mice and choosing "Open With", and "CDBurnerXP" entries in context menu.

- Clicking on the "Burn Disc" button. The error appears quickly.


2 - with the regular open in CDBurnerXP:

- Open CDBurnerXP in start menu applications

- Choosing "Burning an iso image", and clicking on OK button

- Selecting the iso image file with explorer button

- Clicking on the "Burn Disc" button. The error appears quickly.


Selected options in both cases, are:

- finalize disc

- check data after burning

- eject disc after burning

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Reproduced with v4.5.2.4214. Please, can you add the version number directly in the banner shown at the first launch? This would be nice, since one have to open "Data/Music disc creation", and have to choose Help > About CDBurnerXP menu entries to get the version number. You may answer that I am still able to open "install / uninstall an application" panel in windows 7, and check the version number right there... But, in both ways, there are still many manual operations left to the user.

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So I've reproduced this now. The first issue is that the ISO burning part does not actually raise an error and then proceeds to verification even if nothing has been burned. The other issue is DVD+RW. CDBurnerXP probably needs to request an empty disc instead of a non-finalized one, especially since DVD+RWs can never actually be finalized as I just learned. Need to talk to StarBurn a bit about that, but I suppose this will be fixed in the next version of CDBurnerXP.

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