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CDBurnerXP not starting.....

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Latest Version of CDBurnerXP (on the main home page)



System Specs:

Windows 7 Ultimate, 4GB DDR dual channel ram, AMD 4200+


DvD burner is a TSSTcorp Burner, basically it's a Samsung burner, but is listed as:

TSSTcorp SH-222AB ATA device


That being said the issue is as follows:

Everything works just fine and fantastic up until I decide to hit burn, once I hit burn, it starts but then sits at 0% and never ends up going further. I am assuming it's doing the lead-in writeing but I'm not positive of that.


I have tried numerous version and still have issues with each version. I think it is the same issue as always, I never could get it to even start a burn. This time around I decided to post on forums to see if I could get a solution.


I have checked on the compatability list and my dvd burner is indeed on the compatible list.


I have used nero and it works just fine, so it puzzles me as to what could be the issue.


I have all drivers updated for my mainboard and system (I checked that before logging in to ask questions) so as to avoid the questions "Have you updated this driver or that driver".


I would love to use CDBurnerXP more than Nero as Nero is quite bloated, but at this point and time without a solution I have no choice but to use nero (cringe)


So if anyone has a solution of suggestions I have not yet tried I'd appreciate it most greatly.



Problem solved.

I downgraded to the latest 4.3x, Version and everything is working well now.


There seems to be quite a bit of issues with the latest 4.5x version.

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