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version - after burning second session verify always fails

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Dear reader,


using version

- When creating a new DVD with one directory and one file, burning and verifying goes ok.

- When expanding the DVD with a new session (burning the same file in a new directory), burning goes ok, but verifying always fails with the next log:


(This is DUTCH)

13:15:02 Brandproces gestart op 4x (5.540 KB/s)
13:17:54 Sluiten schijf
13:18:11 Verifiëren van bestanden gestart (1 bestanden om te vergelijken)
13:18:11 Fout opgetreden: Uitzondering van HRESULT: 0x800402A1
Hope this can be fixed, I like to verify what I burn.
Mirco Babin



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Hi folks

I am getting a burn error dialog. I have a png, but with this board apparently I can't attach anything or post images unless they are on the web.

this happens with earlier versions too.. I was using

was getting HRESULT exception 0x800402A1 after verifying of files apparently.


why, when doing open multisession discs, does it say "closing disc?"

I thought this was only done when discs were being finalized (?). not that I know the details of internals of burning cd's, maybe closing is different than finalizing and it's just semantics?

if this is indicative of a problem of finalizing the disc when it should not, maybe you should look at the code.



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we really need this to save on disc costs, we need to re-burn the same disc a lot to save media, many times a day. help greatly appreciated. thanks.


say - how to I get that log? all I get is a dialog I can't paste here. I would really like to be able to paste log info.


I just found this: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Search/en-US?query=0x800402A1&ac=4

hope it helps.

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I have upgraded to latest version. had same problem.


hmm. seem to have found the issue. it seems the problem goes away when I used msconfig to disable cyberlink power2go blu-ray burner gadget and medialink library software. I don't know which of the 3 entries in startup caused the problem. it's possible the gadget is (?) holding the cdrom locked or something as if it owned it (this is a wrong practice) - I don't know how you would tell.


hope this info helps.

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