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Exception From HRESULT Errors Continuously

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Since updating CDBurnerXP in my Windows 7 PC, I have wasted nearly 10 DataWrite blank DVD 4.7Gb DVD-R  disks trying to burn some RAW images to these disks. I get to about 4 minutes left to burn and then an error message ' Exception From HRESULT 0x80040255' keeps cropping up repeatedly, and the disks eject. Wasted toasts. What is going on?


The optical drive is an LG HL-DT-ST DVD_RAM GSA-H55N


I used the same brancd of DataWrite Titatnium DVDs to burn 100s of disks before and never had this issue except for an occasional duff blank DVD-R disk.


If anyone can help resolve this, I'd be grateful.

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Posting the full error message would be helpful, also a log file (see http://cdburnerxp.se/help/kb/18) won't hurt while you're at it.


What are those "RAW" images? You mean ISO files?

Will do


I don't mean ISO files. RAW images are digital photographic images shot with a Canon DSLR and have a *.CR2 extension ala *.JPG.


What puzzles me is why did an alternative burning software not have any problems burning the same files, and a result no wasted disks.

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I will leave it to the experts to solve your problem, but will just throw out a small bit of advice:

Whenever i am making a compilation of anything except a double layer DVD, I always make the first one on a re-writable. That why if there is a problem burning, or if I see a mistake, or just want to change something, I haven't lost a disk. I can't tell you the number of disks I have saved because on review of a compilation I see a mistake, or something that should have been done different. Or, in your case if there is a burning problem, it shows up on a re-writable which is preferable to losing a perfectly good disk. It may take an extra burn session or disk copy, but it is usually worth it in the end.

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This is just a wild guess. I burned one file compilation to DVD just fine, then created another one and it started getting getting RESULT 0x80040255 solid.

The project indicated I had about 9MB remaining on the disc but I noticed subsequent attempts to re-burn the same disc did not prompt me to erase the disc. Hmm, I said. Is it even hitting the disc before failing, I wondered?

Just for laughs I deleted one randomly chosen directory containing about 38MB from the project. Now it's burning and has completed. Perhaps the project size was too large even though CDB said it should fit???


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