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Cannot Burn ISO with less than maximum DVD-R capacity

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I just upgraded to  I am having trouble with burning ISO images less than 2 GB in size.


Here is the sequence I am attempting:


1) I select a large folder to burn with the disk spanning option also selected.


2) When asked, I select the option to write ISO files to disk.  Several ISO image files are saved to hard disk.  The last one is usually less than the capacity of the DVD-R that I am using.


3) The full size ISO images burn and verify correctly.


4) The small ISO image, of 1.2 or 1.8 GB for example, will not burn to DVD.  The  Windows XP SP3 taskmgr shows that cdbxpp.exe is using 50% of CPU capacity and the I/O Reads continuously increment to the millions.  I have attempted to cancel the burn process using the cdburnerxp radio button.  I have waited 30 minutes with no response.  So I kill the process using taskmgr.  (One possibly related item also... I believe that svchost initially runs up 50% of the CPU capacity and then drops back to near zero.)


It seems to me that cdburner misses the end of file somehow and just keeps reading.


5) I reloaded and the same small ISO images burn fine.


best regards,


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