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Hi. On an XP PC, I can create data CD masters with CDBurnerXP, and everything seems good - all files copy, and the master CD is not open. Then I copy the master in a multi-tray CD copier, and again, everything seems fine according to the copier. However, when I test a copy on the original PC with CDBurnerXP open, there is a prompt  asking if I want to Continue Disc or Ignore Previous Sessions. Looking at Disk Information in CDBurnerXP, it says the copy is open, and some PCs cannot read them.


I've tested the copier with CDs burnt on other machines (Win7 with Roxio) and driver CDs, and these are finished and copying correctly, so that isn't causing the problem. I've also looked at some older copies (done in early 2011), burnt with CDBurnerXP on a different PC and copied with another copier, and these show the same error. If it's not a bug, any ideas how to solve this?

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Well, if the master CD is closed properly I don't think CDBurnerXP is at fault for subsequent copies. There may be different burning methods used by the other applications, CDBurnerXP uses Track-at-once mode. For CDs, there also is a Disc-at-once mode available, but no longer used by CDBurnerXP.

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After a little more testing, the following might be of interest. I tried some other CD burning software, and got the same result, an unfinished duplicate CD. However, when the master was burnt using a USB Drive instead of the built-in one, the duplicate CD was fine! So the problem is somehow related to the internal drive, not CDBurnerXP.

Thanks, case closed :)

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