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Guest sunnygirl

Writing Error: error closing

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Guest sunnygirl

I use CDBurner XP Pro 3 with a dvd/cd rewriter LG mod. GSA-4163B.

During the writing processing the sistem show me a window with this message:

"Writing Error: (3) error closing DVD-R Session/Border

A seek command was interrupted by another command (1053).

Error Sense Data: SENSE KEY: 3 ASC: 2 ASCQ: 0"

and the sistem interrupt the writing process.

May Be someone know why?

Please write me a possible solution.


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Aye, so do I. Mine is a Pioneer DVR-A09 (DVR-109) with Firmware revision 1.50.

I am using this program because the software that came with it is absolutely woeful. I have never liked ULead stuff, and they have included a DVD program that seems to only want to burn images and movies. DVD Workshop 2 SE and DVD MovieFactory 3.5 Suite.

I didn't get a Nero or anything that just writes bloody data DVDs or even CDs. So I am stuck. Nero doesn't recognise the burner, not surprisingly.

Russki Bear

By the way, I am burning a DVD+R 8* (burning at 8* and 4*) and CD-Rs burn fine.

Actually I noticed mine is the same error and description but has this information;

SenseKey 2, ASC 4, ASCQ 7.

Apparently this is;


** Normally caused by mastering software or driver on system attempting to communicate to our recorder is in the middle of a write operation. Look for background software to disable, or disable Auto Insert Notification.

Auto insert is off, no other programs running, just Windows.

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Guest paibomb

I'm trying to burn some data and i've got the same error :

SenseKey 2, ASC 4, ASCQ 7.

Using a Pioneer DVR-109, firmware 1.40, XP Pro SP2

Auto insert is off

CDR burning is fine.

Help !!!

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