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Drag-and-Drop feature (CDBurnerXP to CDBurnerXP) ...

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Dear Developer(s),

first of all: THANK YOU for a really great product !!

The following REQUESTS are actually not so difficult to implement, I suppose (depending on how the code is written), but it really would enhance operation even more and refine its functionality further !
- Also would like to hear the feedback from other users on THIS!


I like the Drag-and-Drop feature as implemented if you are dragging files from Windows to CDBurnerXP.
However this feature unfortunately does NOT work, when one wants to combine ready made and saved 'File Creations' of a new CD/DVD and would like to just drag and drop a few selected files from existing arrangements and create a newer more updated version using them and adding new files.

It would be a really good feature to allow THIS feature to drag-and-drop files (without moving them) into another window of another running application of CDBurnerXP.
- This would speed up creating new Versions tremendously.

While we are here, I'd also like to request yet another related feature I'd like to see implemented.
- Please add a feature enabling to right-click on a file (in the compilation of CDBurnerXP) to like Open File, or Go to Folder, to actually open that file, or go to its folder on the drive/device as already linked in CDBurnerXP.
- This would also enhance direct access to all files on existing Compilations and those in progress, too.


Perhaps even create and display a File & Folder List of all the files and folders of the (selected) files (of the current CDBurnerXP compilation) are in.
- You could even add a Text Index File (eg: "Disc-Idx.txt"), selectable by as switch under Options, on the disc itself, as a Disc Index (DI), too (giving the tree structure of all files on the CD/DVD/BluRay Disc!
-- At a later stage you might even include a SEARCH feature to actually search for the file, if it should have been moved to a different folder. Yes, I know, renaming the files (on the source drive) by the user(s) would be a problem to locate them, but it would be an option to just list the files in the linked folder an request the user to reassign the file or delete/drop (or even mark it ignore) it from the list.

New Feature IGNORE in Compilations, to quickly  ignore files from being burnt to disc, but are still on the list!
I doubt any other Burner has this feature !  :yes:


As the last request today, it is somehow confusing as a Window TITLE, to have just the DISCNAME of the current Compilation/Project, displayed on the CDBurnerXP Windows' Title.
- Could you please somehow also add the current FILENAME to it, to be more specific? I know that is only possible once the Compilation was saved.

THANK YOU once again for supplying a good Burning Program and continuously enhancing it!
... and ALL THAT FOR FREE !!

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1) That seems possible, though I did not get such requests before yet.

2) Seems reasonable.

3) That appears to be somewhat special.

4) File name would be too long for the Window title, don't you think?


I suggest to post your suggestions on UV https://cdburnerxp.uservoice.com/ too,at least the first two. The other ones are debatable ;)

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