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I Have a little/middle problem with this peripheral: 



It writes fine CD and DVD but when it reads for verify it work very slow, I suppose at 1x...


It works perfectly whit others softwares (ImgBurn, Burnforfree and others).



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Updated CDBurnerXP today on my computer from to

Tried copying a free DVD three times and got burn error each time (purportedly inferior DVD...).

Then did system restore to get old version back. DVDs rejected by new version were accepted by old one.

Am therefore ignoring future calls to update.

Drive type: ASUS DRW-24B5ST


Also, why does the software say it requires a 4.8 GB DVD when the standard size is 4.7?



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Since last version (I don't remember the number but I think it was simply previous) the only problem was slow verify speed on this drive.
Today I updated to last version ( before reading your message, so i don't have the log file about previous version.

But now it can't write correctly! :(
I set the flag to obtain log file but it seem don't works. It writes but during verify it reports this message:
12:17:55 Inizio scrittura a 8x (11.080 KB/s)
12:26:34 Chiusura disco
12:27:51 Inizio verifica dei file (8 file da controllare)
12:28:13 Errori verificatisi: Exception from HRESULT: 0x800402A1
12:40:01 Scrittura eseguita correttamente a 8x (11.080 KB/s)

(sorry, it's set to italian language)

Trying to read anywhere the disc it is effectively corrupted.

Cdburner works fine with another drive HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSAH44N which has IDE interface connected to mainboard trough an IDE-SATA adapter (not the best solution in my opinion, but it works).
The incriminate drive HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH22NS90 works very well on other software (ImgBurn, BurnForFree, Windows utility, CloneDVD, and others...)
I tried to change SATA physical port and change SATA setting to IDE in mainboard BIOS options, but nothing change.
I'm very sorry that the new version has made ​​things worse instead of improving it.



Added informations.

My actual system is an AMD A10-5800k on a GA-F2A85x-UP4 Gigabyte mainboard, 8Gb ram, win7 enterprise.

My old system had an AMD AthlonXp 2500+ on a GA-7n400pro2(rev.2) Gigabyte mainboard, 2Gb ram,  winXp sp3. In the old system I had the same problem of slow verification speed with CDburnerXp.

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StarBurn needs to look at this, I can't do much on my own here. I will post a link though if a fix and beta version is available. Could also be an issue related to the hardware though, hard to tell at this point.

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 I usually use Verbatim AZO DVD-R 16x, but I also tried some Sony and TDK, but I do not remember exactly the models. I tried  some rewritable and dual layer (but only Verbatim) too, but always with same results: errors.

All brand and disks type works fine with my the other drive LG HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-H44N.



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You could send me a new log file, maybe that helps. StarBurn investigated this error and found no issue with similar devies and media (though they couldn't buy a GH22NS90 anywhere). Did you already check for conflicting 3rd party software like security related applications (just turn them off for a while)?

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in my opinion a security software blocks or does not block an application. can not slow it down if it operates only on a specific device (I remind you that with the other burnercdbrunerxp works perfectly). I will send you another report anyway.

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in my opinion a security software blocks or does not block an application.


Unfortunately, this is overly optimistic. This has happened far too often in the past. In gegernal, AV apps cause more trouble than they're worth it.

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