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CDBurner-XP burns DVDs on UDF format by defect

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Hi there, fellows!


I've been an user of CDBurner-XP since some years ago. It always worked right for me (it's very handy to its size and functions).


I've got some troubles with the last version of CDB-XP I have ( I've read that some users here had been the same: I've burned a DVD+R with MP3 files and now, after done, no data appear there.


I've learned that it's been burned in the UDF format (I didn't realize it before; I've thought the ISO/Joliet formats was by defect in this new version, as it used to be before in older versions of the software). Now the DVD can't be read as usual.


I've tried the ISOBuster program, but it only disordely recovered the files: the names of the original files had changed and now it's a mess. 


So I'm here to look for some help about it: Is there anything to convert that UDF format into a legible way, that's to say, the MP3 files with their correct names? Can CDBurner-XP does it? Any hint?


Thanks in advance!


Greetings from Spain


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What actually is your problem? If you burned the disc with UDF, you can insert it into your PC and read all files (and file names) just fine without any issues (though some DVD players don't like music or pictures burned using this file system).

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Hello again!  


CDBurner-XP detects that the DVD has been recorded (it shows the correct size of the used space after the recording), but no files appear finally. I used, to record the DVD,an newly-bought external Samsung DVD player (due to the one of my laptop burns wrongly, though it reads well). I tried to read it on three different PC desktops and the reselts were the same. The DVDs are new and working fine, too.


Maybe you're right about DVD players aren't good friends of the UDF format, :) but as I told, the external Samsung DVD player I got is one of the most recent models of this brand (it can be read and record Blu-Ray even).  


The O.S. I'm using in my laptop is Windows XP (UE edition)- SP 3. I had no problems before in that respect, as I said.    Could I convert the UDF discs into the ISO/Joliet format, and record them again and having the files as they were before this issue?  

Any hint is valued. 


Thanks your fast answer, anyway!  


Regards from Spain, Nepharite

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UDF should work fine in computers, even Windows 2000 would still support it. If you have trouble recovering your data, you can try burning another session to the disc (if multisession) and close the disc with that burning process. Otherwise usually ISOBuster http://www.isobuster.com/ works well for data recovery. You cannot "re-record" the disc with a new file system though.

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