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[C] Cannot change file system - internal SDK error

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I've been using CDBurnerXP for years, and never had an unresolvable problem, until now.


I'm trying to burn a bunch of .mp3 files onto a CD.  The CD is rated for 700MB, and there are 685MB worth of files, so there should be plenty of room.


Problem is that CDBurnerXP defaults to the UDF filesystem, which the stereo in my car will not recognize.  Any disks burned using UDF are unreadable there.  So I try to change the file system to ISO9660, since I know ISO9660 disks work fine.  To do this, I go to Disc -> Change file system..., which brings up the dialog "File System Settings".


In that dialog, I use the top dropdown menu to choose "ISO9660 / Joliet", at which point it lists two limitations: no files greater than 4GB, and no file/directory names longer than 107 chars.  Well, I guarantee there are no files greater than 4GB (the total compilation size is 685MB, as I mentioned above).  If there are any file names longer than 107 chars, I can't find them.


At any rate, despite listing these limitations, the program allows me to click the OK button.  When I do, however, I get an error reading, "The file system type cannot be changed, because of the following error: Internal SDK error:".  (Notice that this error message ends in a colon, but nothing follows it.)  I cannot dismiss the File System Settings dialog any way other than clicking Cancel or setting the file system back to UDF.


If there is some file that is violating the rules, such as one with a name containing some other character that is not permitted, I expect that the software would notify me about it and suggest a change, but it doesn't.  I just get this useless error message.  I have no way that I can find to enforce the change to ISO9660, and as mentioned UDF is useless to me.  (Is there a way to make it not be the default?)


I hope this is an easily fixable bug.  I'd hate to have to go find something else to do this relatively simple job.

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More information:


Apparently I did have a file whose total path name was over 107 characters.  I tried renaming a couple of things and suddenly I was able to switch to ISO9660 successfully (I hope).


There is still a problem in that the software does not correctly identify the problem, indicate which filename(s) it objects to, and give me a clear path to resolving the problem.  "Internal SDK error" is not helpful.

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Will improve the error message a bit for the next version. When testing this issue myself though, the file name is actually mentioned in the error message. I don't get to see an "internal error" so I'm not sure if we are talking about the same issue.

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